Equipment for the field of measurement and control technology.

Northwest Pump offers a complete line of equipment for measuring, monitoring, and analyzing processes.

KOBOLD has been a world leader in process measurement and control solutions offering one of the industry’s broadest lines of sensors, switches and transmitters to measure and control flow, pressure, level and temperature.

KOBOLD sensors and controls include:
• flow meters, flow switches and flow transmitters 
• pressure gauges, pressure transmitters and pressure switches
• level switches, float switches, level gauges, level transducers, level indicators and level transmitters 
• temperature switches, temperature gauges and temperature transmitters
• accessories including magnetic filters, needle valves, regulating valves, control devices and relays.

  • Flow
    • KOBOLD flowmeters for liquid and gas applications include paddle wheel flowmeters, variable area flowmeters, vortex flowmeters, turbine flowmeters, target flowmeters, oval gear meters, magnetic flowmeters and many more. KOBOLD also manufactures a variety of flow switches and flow transmitters.

  • Pressure
    • KOBOLD Instruments offers electronic pressure switches, electronic pressure gauges, mechanical pressure switches, mechanical pressure gauges, and pressure transmitters. Pressure gauges come in analog and digital styles. Our pressure transmitters meet a variety of OEM and heavy-duty industrial pressure transmitter needs, and for your special applications, we offer explosion-proof pressure transmitters and submersible pressure transmitters.

  • Level
    • KOBOLD instruments for level monitoring and level measurement include float level switches, optical level switches, ultrasonic level switches, conductive level switches and more.

      The complete line of level transmitters includes float level transmitters, ultrasonic level transmitters, magnetostrictive level transmitters and capacitance level transmitters.

      KOBOLD bypass level gauges and mini bypass level gauges mount on tanks to provide visual indication of level and are available with optional level switches and level transmitters.

  • Temperature
    • KOBOLD manufactures a variety of instruments for temperature monitoring and temperature measurement, such as temperature switches, including thermal reed temperature switches and temperature switches for liquids, temperature gauges, temperature transmitters, temperature sensors and temperature probes.

  • Accessories
    • KOBOLD Instruments offers a variety of accessories for our flow, pressure, level and temperature instruments, such as fittings, which include magnetic filters used extensively in cooling and lubricating coils, stainless steel needle valves and flow regulating valves, as well as relays and control devices, including rate meters, totalizers and batchers.


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