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Fire Safety Pumps

Fire Safety Pumps

Protecting a facility and the workers inside should be top of mind for any manufacturing business. In some cases, this might include having a fire safety system in place. Having fire safety pumps is not exclusive to fire departments. It is required when a facility or project cannot fully contain a potential fire with standard safety systems such as sprinklers. If the sprinkler system cannot meet the pressure and flow requirements, a fire pump is needed for the given scenario.

What to know about a Fire Safety Pump:

There are several categories of pumps for fire safety, all of which are similar to traditional pump categories. Fire Pumps can be positive displacement, centrifugal, horizontal split-case, vertical split-case, in-line, end-suction, and multistage multiport pumps. These categories will offer more support depending on the current needs of your facility or project.

Northwest Pump currently carries Armstrong fire safety pumps.

Next Steps:

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