PSG, Industrial Pump Vendor

PSG, Industrial Pump Vendor

Known across the globe as a pump solutions expert, PSG, a Dover Company, is an industrial pump powerhouse. This company represents several familiar brands in the industry, and their specifications range from delicate peristaltic chemical pumps to durable mining slurry pumps. Sometimes, industrial-sized problems need industrial pumps for solutions.

PSG, a Dover Company’s brands all pride themselves not only on the durable nature of their pumps, but also the ease of maintenance to keep the pumps in the facility instead of in the shop.

Brands Offered:

Griswold Industrial Pumps
All-Flow Industrial Pumps
Mouvex Industrial Pumps
Neptune Industrial Pumps
Blackmer Industrial Pumps
Wilden Industrial Pumps


Abaque specializes in peristaltic hose pumps. This PSG, a Dover Company, brand works best in the mining, water & wastewater, chemical applications, and food & beverage industries.

View Abaque’s product line here!


All-Flo is one of several AoDD (air-operated double-diaphragm) pump brands at PSG, a Dover Company. This brand primarily focus on the Beer & Wine, Chemical, Coating, Food & Beverage, Lubrication & Machinery, Mining & Dewatering, Oil & Gas, Plating, and Semiconductor industries.

View All-Flo’s product line here!

Industrial Pump from All-Flo



Almatec adds plastic-metal combination AoDD pumps to PSG, a Dover Company’s portfolio. This brand specializes in chemical and hygienic industrial pumps, though are also useful for any sensitive pumping application.

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Almatec Plastic Industrial Pump


Blackmer Industrial Pumps

Blackmer is one of the more well-known positive displacement industrial pump brands of PSG, a Dover Company. The rotary vane pumps offered are made with steel or cast iron and withstand harsh conditions such as abrasive chemicals or high temperatures. The Blackmer brand encompasses System One’s Centrifugal pumps, and now also adds Envirogear’s gear pumps to their product lines.

Learn more about our Blackmer product lines offered here.

PSG Blackmer Sliding Vane Pump


Griswold, Industrial Pump Vendor

Griswold manufactures centrifugal, close-coupled water pumps, and self-priming pumps. They specializes in ANSI pumps, which means they are more easily replaceable and maintainable than other pump models. This brand emphasizes the quality of their pumps above all else and offers a 5 year warranty on all pumps sold.

Learn more about our Griswold offerings here.

Griswold ANSI Pumps


Mouvex is PSG, a Dover Company’s Eccentric Disc pump brand. Mouvex’s pumps are primarily designed for the Chemical Process & Hygenic Sanitary industries but can fit a wide array of applications as well. From wine & cheese, to cosmetics & paints, Mouvex has the pumping solutions to get it moving.

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True to its name, Neptune is the brand for water treatment, whether for municipal purposes, agriculture, and more. Neptune offers metering pumps, mixers, and other water & wastewater solutions.

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Neptune Metering Industrial Pump


Wilden Industrial Pumps

Wilden is another AoDD pump brand offered by PSG, a Dover Company. The difference between Wilden and All-Flo is mostly in range of applications. Wilden has pumps for any application and has an even wider range of materials for building these pumps. What that means is that a Wilden pump is more customizable for unique problems at hand for a given facility in any industry.

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Master Distributorship

Northwest Pump is one of the three master distributors of Abaque, Almatec, & Mouvex products in North America. Learn more here.

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