Industrial Vacuum Pumps

What are Industrial Vacuum Pumps?

Vacuum pumps are designed to pump gas and leave partial vacuums within a sealed container. While they operate similarly to air compressors, these kinds of pumps generally fall under positive displacement pumps. These pumps are best used in scientific and industrial manufacturing, with uses ranging from milking machines for dairy farms & meat and poultry processing to uranium enrichment and radiotherapy.

These pumps come in several varieties classified by how they create the vacuum. A rotary screw or piston style vacuum pump works like their air compressor counterparts, using a pair of rotating screws to force the air away or using pistons respectively. Also similar to air compressors, these styles can utilize lubricants to better maintain its sealing capabilities or use oil-free technology. A liquid ring vacuum pump uses a centrifugal style rotor with water to remove air.

When looking at vacuum pumps, it is essential to know what size and parameters your pump will need to perform at its fullest. Some of these factors to consider are pressure range, their classifications, and lubrication requirements.

Northwest Pump now offers vacuum pumps from Atlas Copco.

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