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Our projects & portfolio also includes current and past Industrial projects by Northwest Pump, covering a wide range of industries and equipment.

Northwest Pump supplies nearly every type of petroleum equipment for service stations, convenience stores, truck stops, bulk fueling depots, lube/oil change shops, and more.

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Blue Bird, Inc.

Over 100 years of history and nearly 200 separate producers make Blue Bird, Inc. fruit packing operation one of the oldest and largest in the region.

Starbucks Kent Flexible Line Plant

The coffee giant’s roasting, packing, and distribution facility produces and ships over 1.5 million pounds of product per week.

Gebbers Farms

With over 5,000 acres of orchard, Gebbers Farms operates one of the largest contiguous apple orchards in the world.

Green River Filtration Facility

Tacoma Water provides direct service to more than 300,000 people in the region.

MacKay Manufacturing

MacKay Manufacturing Inc. produces high-performance machined parts and sub-assemblies, surgical instruments and devices for multiple industries.

Kaiser Aluminum

Kaiser Aluminum is a leading producer of fabricated aluminum products for aerospace/high strength, general engineering, automotive and custom industrial applications.

Custom Engineered Pump Carts

A local chemical manufacturer in Washington needed a solution to transport product to and from trains. Our team came together to build custom pump carts using meters from Liquid Control & pumps from Blackmer, and the end result is a pump cart with 200 gpm capabilities!

2022 Industrial Events

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Industrial Products and Brands
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