Core Industrial Markets

Northwest Pump is an industry leader in providing reliable and durable rotating equipment, factory-trained service, and customized fabrication for a wide range of projects across various industrial markets. We understand that your facility’s success depends on having efficient, dependable, and durable equipment that can keep your products moving to the market. That’s why we offer a complete range of air & gas compression equipment and fluid pumping solutions to ensure maximum uptime and minimum headaches. From installation throughout the lifespan of your equipment, Northwest Pump provides excellent applications support, top-notch customer service, and 24/7 emergency service, maintenance, and repair capabilities.

Core Industrial Markets

Our Core Industrial Markets

General Industrial

Manufacturing processes depend on reliable, serviceable, and sustainably rotating equipment in order to get products to market efficiently. Northwest Pump delivers a complete line of air & gas compression equipment and fluid pumping solutions.

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Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage production requires specialized equipment and chemicals, making it more challenging to find manufacturing equipment that fits these specifications. Luckily, Northwest Pump has a wide variety of products that are designed to work with food safely and efficiently.

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Water & Wastewater

Keeping water clean & safe is vital for communities everywhere. That is why Northwest Pump is dedicated to helping sustain water treatment facilities with air compressors, pumps, and other necessary pieces of equipment. View our water treatment case study here.

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Power Generation

Whether its today’s petroleum, natural gas, and coal-powered world or tomorrow’s sustainable solar, hydro, or nuclear power, Northwest Pump helps power plants remain powerful. Durability and minimizing downtime is our priority as much as it is yours.

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Mining requires powerful equipment to continue production. No matter what step of the process, from pulling it out of the ground to keeping the site dry, mines need pumps- not to mention the conveyors, compressors, and other vital equipment for this process. Northwest Pump partners with Miners and Miner’s associations to make sure that their work is rugged, productive, and safe.

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Pulp & Paper

From turning wood into pulp to publishing the newest bestseller, Northwest Pump has the tools and expertise to help your pulp and paper facilities running at peak performance.

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Oil & Gas

Since 1959, Northwest Pump made ourselves known for petroleum, but did you know that we also help get the oil from the fields to the refineries? That’s right, Northwest Pump not only works in the retail sale of processed oil, but also in mid stream and refinement processes as well. We can help your oil and natural gas where it needs to be.

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If it drives, floats, or flies, we have the equipment to keep it moving! Whether it’s automotive, marine, or aerospace in nature, the products needed to keep these machines running will have certain requirements for their specific kind of environments. Ships need durable equipment that is easy to repair even at sea. Planes will need specific materials that keep them light enough to take off. Northwest Pump makes sure that these specifications are met, and your needs are met to the best capacity.

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Next Steps

We know each of our core industrial markets have specific needs to their respective application. Our industrial team works with you to find the best solutions for your market and your facility. Reach out to our industrial team and let us help you with your next job!