Liquid Controls

Liquid Controls is the first choice for metering, fluid handling, and data ecosystem to transfer highly valuable fuels. Liquid Controls (LC) sold its first fuel flow meter to the U.S. Air Force in 1956. Since then, LC has become the leader for high-quality, reliable flowmeter systems and innovations that enhance metering performance, increase safety, and streamline data management. With proven measurement accuracy as low as 0.1%, Liquid Controls’ meters are unmatched in maintaining the most accurate fluid measurement in the world. Continuously branching out from the original military aircraft fueling requirement, which gave them their start, they now serve a wide variety of industries.

Markets and Fluids include:

  • Refined Fuels
  • LPG & Propane
  • Aviation Fuels
  • Alternative Fuels
  • Crude Oil & Viscous Fluids

Positive Displacement Flow Meters

Liquid Controls Positive Displacement Flow Meters

Liquid Controls Positive Displacement Flowmeters are precision-made liquid measuring instruments that maintain precise and accurate metering over long periods of operation. The simplicity of design and construction, together with sustained accuracy, has led to the widespread use of PD Series meters within a variety of highly valuable custody transfer applications throughout the world.

Models Include:


Mass Flow Meters

Liquid Controls LCMMASS

Liquid Controls is the premier provider of meters and metering solutions for fluid measurement and the delivery of high-value liquids. LC offers a full suite of custody-transfer approved precision flow measurement systems. The LCMass® meter expands the product portfolio beyond the world-class positive displacement and turbine metering technologies. The addition of LCMass® to the Liquid Controls metering and accessory portfolio assures that the right solution is provided for any application.

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