Industrial Submersible Pumps

A submersible pump is a pump that is placed under the surface of the fluid being pumped. These are a sub-category of centrifugal pumps. Submersible pumps are used in a variety of uses, from pool filtration to unwanted water drainage in basements and mining operations.

Benefits of Industrial Submersible Pumps

One of the benefits of having a pump within the fluid is that there are no air leaks and cavitation- meaning that this pump will be quieter than other pumping mechanisms; these pumps are generally more efficient than different types of pumps. Additionally, the pump is always primed. Depending on the need, submersible pumps can also be lightweight and transportable as well.

Industrial Submersible Pump Brands

Northwest Pump features several brands with submersible pump products. Weil Pump, a Wilo subsidiary, offers submersible pumps designed for water & wastewater, stormwater/runoff, chemical process/waste, and other slurry applications. In our Oregon territory, we also feature Grundfos‘s submersible pump products for industrial applications. Grundfos offers pumps and boosters designed for water & wastewater applications. Finally, in our Alaska territory, Northwest Pump is a proud distributor of E/One submersible pumps, as well as Pentair’s Myers & Hydromatic products. E/One, or Environment One, specializes in a submersible grinder pump for water & wastewater applications. What sets E/One apart in the submersible pump market is its gravity-resistant design, perfect for water & wastewater applications in remote regions.

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