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As an employee-owned company, Northwest Pump's employee-owners have made an ongoing commitment to, among other things, "making a positive contribution to our community".  Our Employee Ownership Committee is the steward for this commitment, as outlined in the Northwest Pump EOC charter.

Holiday Family Sponsorship

undefinedEach year, for over 40 years now, Northwest Pump has worked with local charities to "adopt" families during the holidays who otherwise wouldn't be able to celebrate the season with gifts as most families are fortunate to do. After receiving lists of needed items for the families and wish lists for the children, Northwest Pump employees contribute their own time, money, and tons of energy into shopping, buying, wrapping, and delivering dozens of gifts to these families each December.

In 2017, Northwest Pump partnered with three local Portland charities whose missions are to support families which have experienced economic hardship, homelessness, serious illness, and other difficulties. These charities facilitated our sponsorship of three families in need of necessary household items as well as special extras for the children.  This year, Northwest Pump's helper elves were able to bring some added holiday happiness to a total of 13 family members, including 9 children. 

Meeting the families when delivering packages and seeing the faces of parents and children when dozens of wrapped gifts are brought into their homes is incredibly rewarding. It is a wonderful tradition which we are proud to continue.

Food Drive

undefinedIn 2017, Northwest Pump repeated our successful 2016 company-wide food drive across all 16 locations with the proceeds benefiting local food banks in those areas.  This year, the employee-owners of NWP collected 3,741 pounds of food, up from last year's total of 2,886!  Because we exceeded our goal of 3,000 pounds of food, the NWP executive team donated an extra $1,000 for food donation charities.

Lift Urban Portland 

undefinedIn 2017, Northwest Pump began a relationship with a nearby non-profit in our Northwest Portland neighborhood,
Lift Urban Portland.  Their mission is to reduce hunger and improve the lives of ​low-income residents of Northwest and Downtown Portland.  Each week, two employees volunteer for an hour of on-the-clock NW Pump work time unloading pallets of donated food and packing food boxes for distribution to people in need.  It feels great to support an organization which does so much to benefit folks in our area of Portland.  We will be continuing this relationship thru 2018.

Coat Drive

In 2018, we were pleased to conduct our second coat drive across all of our branches with the support of the One Warm Coat organization.  Altogether we brought in 79 pounds of donated items which included hats and gloves in addition to coats.  They were welcomed at the Portland Rescue Mission which provides shelter, clothing, meals, and more to anyone in need in downtown Portland.

In 2017, our Portland office organized our first coat drive benefiting people in our community.  Altogether, NWP gathered 70 coats for the Good Neighbor Center in Portland with the support of the One Warm Coat organization.

Habitat For Humanity

In 2017, Northwest Pump partnered with Habitat for Humanity to sponsor a home for the second time.  The home was dedicated on December 2, 2017.  Our sponsor family was another great family of six with dad, mom and four kids.

undefinedIn 2013, Northwest Pump partnered with Habitat for Humanity to sponsor a family.  Sponsoring a Habitat family means that the sponsor group is committing to a "full house build" for a family in need.  Northwest Pump completed the full house build in Fall of 2013 with over 20 employees volunteering Saturdays at the job site.  Our sponsor family was great family consisting of a single mother with three young boys.  The dedication took place on January 23, 2017.

Many NWP employees continue to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity and stay involved in Habitat fundraising events.

On the Run

undefinedOver the years, Northwest Pump has sponsored teams for fundraising runs in our territory, such as Portland to Coast, Hood to Coast, and Race for the Cure.  Dozens of NWP employees have given countless hours and raised tens of thousands of dollars for great causes.  Look for a NWP team at a run near one of our 16 branch locations!

California Requiring Removal of All Single-Walled USTs by 2025

undefinedCalifornia's EPA has set a hard deadline for removal of single-walled underground storage tanks.  The California Water Boards' "RUST Program" makes loans and grants available to assist eligible small businesses with removal and replacement of old tanks.

More information about California's Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund.

Don't wait to begin planning your UST replacement.  Equipment costs will continue to rise leading up to the deadline.  Property insurance premiums are also liable to rise for older tanks.  

Call our California UST specialist today, (503) 313-2716.


Oregon Insurance Premiums Rising for Sites with Older USTs

undefinedEvery year, insurance premiums are increasing for older underground storage tanks.  Sites in Oregon with tanks over 30 years old are seeing insurance premiums spiking 300% and higher, due to liability concerns for aging tanks. 

In addition. non-renewals of property insurance policies have also been reported.  Experts indicate that Oregon insurance companies are essentially forcing UST upgrades via increased premiums.  Protect your business from increasing overhead and eliminate the risk of expensive leaks.  

Contact us or call our Oregon UST specialist today, (877) 305-2122.


EMV: Adoption and Incentives to Upgrade Before the Deadline

undefinedEMV, also known as chip-enabled credit and debit cards, continues to gain momentum among card users and merchants. Despite the responsibility placed on merchants to adopt EMV-compliant solutions since October 2015, not every merchant has complied. 

Merchants now have until Oct. 1, 2020 to adopt EMV at the pump. On that date, liability will shift "to the party in the payment chain with the least secure payment technology”.  Although the EMV liability shift deadline at the forecourt has been deferred until 2020, there are a number of incentives for retailers to upgrade ahead of time.  Perhaps the leading incentive is because a merchant with EMV enabled will not be held liable for fraudulent transactions.

Questions about EMV at the pump options?  Contact us today for solutions.



Northwest Pump & Equipment Co. Purchases Certain Assets of Argo International Corporation.

Northwest Pump & Equipment has purchased some of the assets from the Portland, Oregon branch of New Jersey-based Argo International Corporation.  With several locations across North America, Argo International had been a distributor of industrial pumping and fluid handling equipment since 1952.  In addition to industrial product lines, Northwest Pump has added four Argo sales and service staff.


Northwest Pump & Equipment Co. Purchases the Assets of Performance Pump Co. Inc.

Northwest Pump & Equipment has acquired the assets of Clackamas, Oregon-based Performance Pump.  Serving Oregon and Washington since 1989, Performance Pump offered more than 20 lines of industrial pumping equipment and service from a staff of six.  As part of the acquisition, Northwest Pump will add Performance Pump product lines and staff members.


Northwest Pump & Equipment Co Takes On the Gardner Denver Line of Positive Displacement Blowers for the Northwest.

Gardner Denver is a recognized industry leader of positive displacement industrial blowers and vacuum pumps all backed by factory aftermarket products and service support by Northwest Pump. More info >


Northwest Pump & Equipment Co Now Sells Sullair OIL FREE Centrifugal Compressors.

Since 2004 Sullair has been part of joint venture IHI-Sullair producing high performance centrifugal compressors. Those compressor models, with more than a decade of quality performance, are now available through Northwest Pump.

IHI-Sullair Compression Technology is a joint venture between Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (IHI) and Sullair combining two industry experts to design, produce and sell advanced centrifugal compressors. More info >


Northwest Pump & Equipment Co is pleased to introduce "the industry's most comprehensive 10-year diamond warranty program" from Sullair.

Sullair is proud to announce the industry’s most comprehensive extended warranty program, the new Sullair Diamond Warranty™ for stationary rotary screw air compressors. Sullair’s confidence in the extraordinary reliability and dependability of its compressors is now backed by the Sullair Diamond Warranty™ which covers the air end for 10 years and provides critical protection against unexpected errors and downtime. More info >


New Sullair Micro Site Touts the Advantages and Benefits of Sullube  

The AirVantage Difference AirVantage is a new technology for Air Operated Double Diaphragm pumps that significantly reduces air consumption over conventional AODD pumps. Our Industrial Division/Meter Shop has purchased a  new 500/100 gallon stainless steel mobile prover for proving high-volume meters. Contact our Industrial Service Manager, Bob Ulrich at 866.577.2755


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