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Gas Compressors

Gas Compressors
Wonder what the difference between air compressors and gas compressors is? An air compressor is a sub-category of the gas compressor, and the main difference is that it compresses the same kind of gas in the air as opposed to other materials. Any other material being compressed will be utilizing a gas compressor instead.

PSG Dover Group – Reciprocating Gas Compressors

Blackmer Reciprocating Gas Compressor

Blackmer single-stage, reciprocating gas compressors create a low-pressure area in the pumping chamber when the piston moves from the highest point of the stroke to the lowest point. Gaseous product (at a higher pressure in the tank) moves into the pumping chamber. This volume of gas is then displaced when the piston moves to the top of the stroke.

Equipped with high-efficiency valves, ductile iron pistons, self-adjusting piston rod seals, and other robust features, this means that these compressors are designed to provide maximum performance and reliability under the most severe service conditions. They are also a critical component in the design of oil and gas vapor recovery units (VRUs).

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Blackmer Gas Compressor Rebuild Procedure Video