Industrial Slurry Pumps

What is an Industrial Slurry Pump?

Slurry Pumps are intended to provide pumping capability when the contents are more than just standard fluids. This is helpful as typical pumps cannot withstand the wear and tear that a slurry mixture might entail. These pumps can be either positive displacement pumps or centrifugal pumps with an open or semi-open impeller. Additionally, slurry pumps can vary based on the interior lining of the pump: rubber-lined pumps and hard metal-lined pumps. Each has benefits and drawbacks, but some slurries may require one kind of material over the other. Lastly, slurry pumps are available in both a horizontal and a vertical configuration, depending on placement need.

There are four different grades of slurry depending on the contents within the slurry. The more severe the possible abrasions, erosions, or corrosions, the more defenses your pump will need to fortify against to lessen unwanted maintenance and unneeded replacements. These pumps are perfect for construction or mining purposes, but they also have utility in a wide variety of other industries.

Our Industrial Slurry Pumps:

Northwest Pump offers these solutions for slurry-related applications:

  • Metso:Outotec
    • Metso:Outotec rubber-lined and hard metal-lined pumps in either horizontal & vertical configurations to serve various uses such as mineral processing, aggregates, and metals refining industries in WashingtonOregonMontana, and Alaska. This brand also offers slurry pipes, hoses, and conveying equipment. Learn more about our Metso:Outotek products here.
  • Abaque
    • Abaque specializes in peristaltic hose pumps for applications varying from sensitive chemicals and sanitary applications to water & wastewater applications. Abaque has over twenty years of experience designing seal-free pumping solutions for difficult applications. Abaque also has pumps with ATEX-certified configurations. Learn more about our Abaque products here.
  • Wilden
    • Wilden offers several of its AODD pumps for slurry pumping applications: Stallion, Brahma, Turbo-Flo, & High-Pressure series. Learn more about our Wilden products here.

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