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Slurry Pumps

Slurry Pumps

What is a Slurry Pump?

Slurry Pumps are intended to provide pumping capability when the contents are more than just standard fluids. This is helpful as typical pumps cannot withstand the wear and tear that a slurry mixture might entail. Often, these pumps will be positive displacement, due to centrifugal pumps needing thinner liquids. However, there are other varieties on the market. These pumps are also often much larger than standard pumps due to the density of the slurry.

There are four different grades of slurry depending on the contents within the slurry. The more severe the possible abrasions, erosions, or corrosions, the more defenses your pump will need to fortify against to lessen unwanted maintenance and unneeded replacements. These pumps are perfect for construction or mining purposes, but they also have utility in a wide variety of other industries.

Our Slurry Pumps:

Metso offers a broad line of horizontal pumps to serve various uses such as mineral processing, aggregates, and metals refining industries in Washington, Oregon, Montana, and Alaska.

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