Aquafighter: A True Revolution in Fuel Quality Management

Aquafighter: A True Revolution in Fuel Quality Management

What is Aquafighter?

Aquafighter® is an active tank treatment that removes emulsified water from diesel and biodiesel blended fuel, along with any free water present. Your fuel and tank will be protected from excess water generated over time.

Fuel Quality Management - aquafighter before and after

Where and How Water Gets Into Your Tanks

Free and entrained water is generated in your tank through air condensation, fuel supply, ineffective filtration, leaks, accidents, and improper system design. Additionally, when water is allowed to accumulate in your tank it provides the conditions for Microbial Contamination (“diesel bug”) to grow, leading to significant problems including blocked filters, pump damage, engine failures, tank corrosion, and poor fuel efficiency.

Water will likely be present in all diesel fuel systems, including storage and operation. It may exist as free water, visible as a separate layer below the fuel, or as a hazy layer between the water and fuel layers. The layer consists of microscopic droplets of water suspended in the fuel.

Water in Fuel Leads to Microbial Contamination – What Issues Does This Contamination Cause?

Did you know microbiological contamination often creates operational issues that can disrupt the use of an asset? Here are some examples:

  • Microbial matter builds up in a tank until it renders the tank unusable, requiring cleaning.
  • Contamination blocks the filters of the generator engine, preventing it from firing up.
  • A fuel quantity indicator functions incorrectly because of a microbial biofilm coating the probes that read the fuel levels.

How Does Aquafighter work in the fuel tank?

Aquafighter is effective in reducing and removing water inside the fuel tank. This is accomplished through three indispensable actions:

  • Demulsifies water by physicochemical adsorption of water molecules to less than 65ppm total fuel water content with maximum efficiency.
  • Attracts & Captures water immediately upon release from the fuel molecules.
  • Isolates water in its protective gel to permanently segregate it from the fuel and tank environment so your fuel and tank are protected. 


The Benefits:

  • Prevents diesel bugs from forming.
  • Works directly in the tank (no fuel removal needed).
  • Eliminates the need for most additives and minimizes the use of biocides.
  • Reduces filter replacement by around 60%.
  • Reduces the need for tank cleaning.
  • Protects tanks from corrosion.
  • Exceeds EN590 standards – 100% efficient at reducing water to <75 ppm.

Next Steps:

Ready to explore your Aquafighter options? The future of clean, safe, and sustainable water-free tanks is here. Contact our team to learn more by emailing sales@nwpump.com, calling 1-800-452-PUMP, or finding the nearest location to you here.