In the ever-evolving landscape of small businesses, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for success. Introducing JUXTA Nomad, an unstaffed, portable turnkey retail solution. Nomad takes you beyond brick-and-mortar with the highest profit per square foot retail format in the world. Nomad is not just a retail solution; it’s a game-changer for businesses looking to expand without the traditional barriers.

With minimal time commitment, a cost-effective model, flexible location selection, and impressive profit margins, Nomad is redefining the rules of retail expansion. Embrace the future of retail with Nomad and watch your business soar to new heights.

juxta nomad convenience

Nomad offers an incredibly low operating expense profile with no full-time staff required courtesy of its AI-powered sensor fusion design. With it delivers exceptional topline revenue per square foot with an optimized targeted retail offering of roughly 500 SKUs. Created with portability at its core, you can operate anywhere your consumers are without a multi-decade commitment to one location.

One of the unique features of Nomad is the flexibility it provides in location selection. Unlike traditional retail models, Nomad turns location decisions from permanent choices into flexible, short or mid-term investments. This agility enables businesses to adapt to changing demand or capitalize on better opportunities, allowing them to pick up their store and chase demand wherever it may lead.

Inside store Birdseye view

Potential locations include hospitals, EV charging stations, festivals, campsites, tourist attractions, and college campuses. The internal layout of the JUXTA Nomads is limited solely to retailing typical convenience store items, but the format can stock whatever the retailer wishes.

Nomad boasts the lowest operating expenses of any retail store format. By carefully selecting the top 500 products, businesses can optimize their inventory and streamline operations, turning the typical 2-4% operating margin into an impressive 10%. Some retailers may even see operating margins as high as 20%, unlocking unprecedented profitability in the retail sector.

How It Works:

Tap– Your consumers access Nomad with standard payment methods. With no need to download an app or be a member, shoppers simply use the credit, debit, or mobile wallet already in their pocket.

Shop – Consumers feel right at home because shopping works just like a traditional retail store. While they take anything they want, their AI computer vision system and advanced shelf sensors track shopping behavior and add items to their basket in real time. The information is combined in the cloud to create a digital basket for each customer. JUXTA’s AI-driven technology will collate their purchases if a family or group of shoppers enter the store.

Review– To provide assurance and comfort in an unstaffed environment, consumers have the option to validate their purchase in real-time on a proximity-based checkout screen and request a digital receipt. Receipts are delivered in less than a minute of leaving the store.

Leave– Consumers in a hurry, can simply leave whenever they’re ready, and they’ll be charged for what they’ve taken.

Next Steps:

Curious about the potential impact on your business? Take the next steps with JUXTA and start your low-risk growth journey by contacting our experts at Northwest Pump by emailing sales@nwpump.com, calling 1-800-452-PUMP, or finding the nearest location here.