Loading materials in and out of facilities is both vitally important to production and at risk of sudden, expensive accidents that threaten to stop production altogether. Bulk loading keeps facilities functioning whether a facility is moving petroleum for fueling or raw materials like dairy for food manufacturing. Safety & efficiency are vital to maintaining everyday operations. Northwest Pump is a provider of premier bulk loading solutions to maintain the highest levels of safety and efficiency for our customers’ needs.

Industries We Support

Bulk loading equipment comes in a variety of styles, materials, and designs for optimal performance depending on the application. Northwest Pump works with OPW to provide bulk loading equipment for chemical applications, industrial manufacturing, food & beverage manufacturing, pulp & paper manufacturing, rail & truck transportation, and fleet fueling.

Bulk Loading Equipment

Pumps & Air Compressors

Pumps are essential for bulk-loading applications, whether for liquids, gasses, or even solids. Northwest Pump offers a wide range of products to meet all your bulk loading needs, such as air compressors, fueling pumps, corrosive duty pumps, sanitary pumps, and more.


Blackmer’s vane pumps are the undisputed champion of fuel transfer. Offering unbeatable reliability and top-of-the-line performance, Blackmer is the clear choice for any fuel transfer job. The sliding vane technology behind Blackmer’s vane pumps ensures continued, consistent performance for each pump’s lifetime, even after the vanes wear out and need replacement. The SGL series Sliding Vane pumps from Blackmer use ductile iron for their construction to add another layer of protection for the pump to extend its lifespan working with corrosive materials. Another reason to use Blackmer for liquid transfer is its line-stripping capabilities. Even working with petroleum, Blackmer’s vane pumps can adjust the suction power to extract the remnants of fluids within the piping and the tank, improving your output without substantial changes to your pump system.

Almatec's AODD Acid Transfer Pumps bulk loading

Finding the right chemical duty pump can be challenging to balance the chemical compatibility of the materials and the pump’s lifespan. Almatec provides cutting-edge chemical transfer with its PTFE-carved AODD pumps. No metal in the wetted housing means that this pump withstands the harsher chemicals it encounters and makes it a quintessential choice for industries like Semiconductor manufacturing.

railroad bulk loading application air compressor system

For solid material transport, air compressors replace pumps in loading systems. Compressed air provides the force to move materials like flour, sand, or bitumen on and off trucks or trains. For stationary applications, Sullair provides state-of-the-art rotary or centrifugal compressor options to move solid materials where they need to be.

Loading Arms

bulk loading fixed loading arm

OPW offers custom-built loading arms to match your exact needs. Our team works with you to determine the specifics of your application, the size and style of the arm, and the deadline your facility needs to meet your delivery and quality expectations.

These loading arms are versatile, and are either top or bottom-loading, depending on the material being transported. They come with different support options such as fixed, gas-strut, and fully supported with jack-knife storage options. The piping size varies from a two-inch diameter to a four-inch diameter for top-loading styles. For bottom-loading styles, the range goes from a two-inch diameter to a six-inch diameter. OPW offers loading arms in three materials – carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum – to suit different industrial needs.

Hoses, Couplings, Swivels, and other Accessory Equipment

bottom loading arm coupler

To complete your brand-new bulk loading system from OPW, they also offer the accessories connecting the pumps to the loading arms including hoses, coupling, swivels, and even hose sleeves from start to finish. These products have API certification for quality assurance and give you peace of mind. To prevent product loss in case of accidents, OPW provides breakaway couplers and smart hoses in addition to the standard options. OPW’s couplers, such as the Lynx API Series Bottom-Loading coupler, come with a simple one-pin-style opening mechanism to simplify repairs when they are needed.

Safety Equipment

Loading sites are RIFE with opportunities for workplace injuries. Northwest Pump has partnered with SafeRack to provide OSHA-compliant safety equipment solutions including gangways, fall prevention systems, ladders, and more to protect our customers and their workers from these risks.


bulk loading safety gangways

SafeRack offers three main gangway styles: flat ramp, flat ramp telescopic, and self-adjusting stair. Telescopic gangways extend beyond the standard flat ramp-style gangways for flexible access with additional protection. SafeRack uses aluminum, stainless steel, or galvanized steel to build the gangways, with rubber bumpers and stainless steel quality bearing rods to ensure the integrity of the designs. Depending on the application, the gangway can be as thin as two feet wide up to six feet. Optional mounting universal angling clips are also available for these gangways.

RetractAlok Safety equipment for bulk loading

For additional security when using these gangways, SafeRack offers the Retractalok. The Retractralok is a plug-and-play solution that eliminates the springs and their associated failures while lifting and lowering gangways to their desired height. It offers an automatic lock to prevent manual overriding when the gangway is in use. Retractaloks have three power options to best suit a variety of facilities, air-powered, solar-powered, and standard electrical plugin.

Fall Protection/Arrest Systems

Whether looking to prevent a fall entirely or arrest it prematurely, SafeRack offers complete systems to protect your workers where the risk is greatest. From harnesses to complete articulating safety platforms, SafeRack offers fall prevention and fall arrest solutions.

Mobile Access Units

The Mobile Access Unit – Industrial Model, or MAUI, is a mobile access platform designed for dependability, flexibility, and safety. MAUI offers a telescoping ladder to access the different heights and needs required. This comes in handy especially when working with both trucks and rail applications. MAUI comes with solid rubber tires, preventing ill-time flat tires, and even an ATV option for rough, unsteady terrain.

Next Steps

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