For many years, Northwest Pump has partnered with PSG, a Dover Company, to provide our customers with the industrial and petroleum pumping equipment they need. PSG, A Dover Company, has many internationally acclaimed pump brands including Wilden, Blackmer, & Griswold. However, many in the US may not recognize its more popular brands coming out of Europe: Almatec, Abaque, & Mouvex. These brands have been offered sporadically through the US, but now Northwest Pump is proud to announce that along with being the PSG west coast distributor, we are now the master distributors for these brands from Alaska to New Mexico, including Hawaii. So, what does Northwest Pump as master distributor for these brands look like? Here is everything you need to know.

What does a Master Distributorship mean for you?

PSG West Coast Distributorship Map of NWP Territories

As your PSG west coast master distributor, Northwest Pump has been able to offer eight of its core brands in our territory. What has now changed is Northwest Pump is now importing Almatec, Abaque, and Mouvex directly from their manufacturers in Europe. While we are the primary importer of these brands, Northwest Pump will support other PSG distributors within our territory when they acquire Abaque, Almatec, & Mouvex products. The only change these distributors will experience is the point of contact for these pumps.

Northwest Pump will be the primary point of contact for technical support, customer service, and service & warranty needs. This means for anything related to product information, basic application support, availability or order status, as well as warranty claims will go through Northwest Pump. PSG will continue to provide more advanced technical support through its branded websites, distributor portals, and product selection tools.

What do these brands offer?


NWP is the PSG West Coast Distributor for your Almatec pumps.

Almatec designs AODD pumps for specialized applications such as chemical processing, pulp & paper, battery production, and semiconductor construction. To prevent untimely corrosion, Almatec offers its pumps in three main materials polyethylene (PE), polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE), and stainless steel. Learn more about Almatec here.


Abaque specializes in peristaltic hose pumps. The main benefit of these kinds of pumps is the pumped fluid will not be exposed to air. Abaque pumps are perfect for water/wastewater, mining, chemical, and sanitary applications. Learn more about Abaque here.

Mouvex Industrial Pumps


Mouvex is a familiar brand at Northwest Pump. It offers eccentric disc pumps designed specifically for hygienic applications. This brand has pumps for applications ranging from paint to cosmetics, as well as wine & beer to fruit slurries & yogurt. Learn more about Mouvex here.

Next Steps

Interested in seeing what these pumps can do for you? Contact your nearest Northwest Pump branch here. Need repairs on your current PSG equipment? Our service team is vendor certified for your needs. Request service directly here for immediate assistance.