Industrial Photo Gallery

A photo gallery of current and past Industrial projects by Northwest Pump, covering a wide range of industries and equipment.

Boeing Renton Facility

When Boeing needed a flexible and dependable compressed air system for their new 4-20 building at the Renton Facility, they partnered with Coffman Engineering and Northwest Pump to provide solutions.

We are supplying compressed air systems for the new building which will expand the factory's production capabilities over three years.

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Blue Bird, Inc.

Over 100 years of history and nearly 200 separate producers make Blue Bird, Inc. fruit packing operation one of the oldest and largest in the region. After a devastating fire in 2015 decimated their operation, Blue Bird worked with Northwest Pump to help them get their packing lines running by the 2016 harvest.

Starbucks Kent Flexible Line Plant

The coffee giant's roasting, packing, and distribution facility produces and ships over 1.5 million pounds of product per week. With a packing line expansion in the works, Northwest Pump replaced a crucial, aged compressor. We also upgraded the existing drying and filtration system as well as increased the facility's air supply to meet future demand.

Gebbers Farms

With over 5,000 acres of orchard, Gebbers Farms operates one of the largest contiguous apple orchards in the world. Gebbers Farms is part of a group which provides access to over 250,000 boxes of fruit per week. Northwest Pump worked with the Gebbers Family to supply the compressed air systems they use to keep their fruit packing plant moving.

Green River Filtration Facility

Tacoma Water provides direct service to more than 300,000 people in the region. The primary water supply is the unfiltered Green River, which had been one of the few remaining major unfiltered water supplies in the U.S. In December 2014, a new facility was opened to begin filtering the Green River water supply to meet new national standards for public health protection.

MacKay Manufacturing

MacKay Manufacturing Inc. produces high-performance machined parts and sub-assemblies, surgical instruments and devices for multiple industries. In the medical field, MacKay produces precision spec endoscopic, arthroscopic, orthopedic, and vascular instruments out of stainless steel, titanium, and aluminum alloys.

Kaiser Aluminum

Kaiser Aluminum is a leading producer of fabricated aluminum products for aerospace/high strength, general engineering, automotive and custom industrial applications. The Spokane Valley, Washington facility specializes in rolling and heat treating and manufacture of aluminum coil, sheet, and plate products for worldwide markets in the aerospace, ground transportation and general engineering industries.

NWP Installation, Maintenance & Repair

In addition to new product sales, Northwest Pump's Industrial Division offers a full array of after-the-sale services. Whether it's precision equipment installation, preventative equipment maintenance, or factory-trained equipment repair, trust Northwest Pump & Equipment to be your full-service equipment provider.

NWP Custom Fabrication

Northwest Pump's in-house Industrial Shop is able to custom fabricate all types of items to meet your project needs. Our skilled team has decades of combined experience designing and creating new and retrofit parts for almost any project. Not sure what you need? Talk to one of our experts.

Compressed Air Systems

Northwest Pump's compressed air systems experts can evaluate and design a solution for your project. Take a look at some of our wide ranging compressed air equipment installations, custom fabricated solutions, and factory-certified repairs.