Installation, Service, and Maintenance

Installation, Service, and Maintenance

We provide Installation, Service, and Maintenance through our Portland, Seattle, Spokane, and Billings branches. Our company-owned 24/7 emergency call center is always ready to help. Northwest Pump’s Industrial Division offers the following thru our in-house Service Department:

Precision Installation

Industrial Installation Service and Maintenance

When you buy equipment from Northwest Pump, our factory-trained service team is ready to assist you with installation and start-up. From laser alignment to vibrations analysis, Northwest Pump will install your equipment to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Impeller Balancing

Industrial Installation Service and Maintenance

We dynamically spin balance all impellers to ensure long bearing and seal life when we repair your pumps.

Comprehensive Service

Industrial Installation Service and Maintenance

Service is about having an experienced team that can respond quickly. When an emergency occurs, our service team is available 24/7. If your equipment goes down, we can respond.

Scheduled Maintenance Plans

Our factory-trained technicians are here to make sure you do not have unscheduled downtime. It is proven regularly scheduled equipment maintenance makes you money. To optimize your equipment investment, call and get a customized maintenance plan for your equipment.

Compressed Air Audits

Northwest Pump offers certified air audit services to detect costly air losses, including true power, flow, pressure, dew point, and temperature. Air audits can reduce operating costs by 25% – 50% and reduce maintenance costs by 10% – 80%. Get the most accurate data without downtime or disruption to productivity.

Next Steps

Our Service locations are Portland, Seattle, Spokane, and Billings. Our company-owned 24/7/365 emergency call center is always ready to help.  For more information on Installation, Service, and Maintenance, Call 1-866-577-2755 or submit an inquiry to our Industrial service team!