Machines, much like people, require routine check-ups to stay healthy and run as expected. Remembering when to schedule regular maintenance appointments can be difficult with a busy schedule and forgetting will almost certainly lead to an emergency. Some maintenance companies offer service plans. However, the contracts offered generally mean that a business can only use one company for repairs. Furthermore, the schedule does not always align with the machinery’s needs. At Northwest Pump, we offer rotating equipment service agreements, focused on your equipment and your schedule.

Why an agreement?

While contracts & agreements are very similar, a few differences will determine which option is better. A contract is legally binding, and cannot be easily undone without paying fees, advanced notice, or other similar conditions. An agreement, while still binding, is more informal. Northwest Pump’s agreement only requires a 30-day notice of cancellation and is non-exclusive. Our agreement is also considered flexible, meaning that we tend to your machines on a quarterly, semi-quarterly, or annual basis depending on your needs.

How Our Rotating Equipmentment Service Worksrotating equipment service

Instead of a facility needing to schedule service appointments, our team will keep track of it- that means one less thing to worry about. Our team will call you to schedule an appointment in advance, and we will coordinate from there. The agreements operate on an annual, semi-annual, or quarterly basis, depending on your needs. Northwest Pump has two rotating equipment service agreement options, one for compressors and one for pumps.

Pump Services

Our pump station service agreement includes removing all fluids & debris from the pump (as needed), pressure washing the pump station, a full test cycle on all pumps, checking amps & pumps, verifying pumps are operating to manufacturer’s standards, cleaning floats, inspecting for broken parts or other obvious safety issues, inspecting alarm & performing test calls, & recommendations for future service needed.

Compressor Services

Rotating Equipment Service AppointmentNorthwest Pump offers service intervals every 2,000 hours or three months, whichever is first, or at other mutually agreed upon and set intervals. We also provide an annual service interval every 4,000 to 8,000 hours depending on lubricants in your compressor, or once a year, whichever is first. These service appointments include a complete visual inspection, an oil level check, inspection of air filter & change (if appropriate), oil filter replacements (if applicable), check separators’ differential pressures, checking oil return lines & valves, checking operating temperatures & cooling systems, control inspection, air discharge inspection & adjustment (if appropriate), an inspection of belt tension, electrical system check with amp draws & voltage, air dryer & filtration inspection, and a checklist of all components inspected and or serviced.

Next Steps

To hear more about our rotating equipment service agreements, email us at service@nwpump.com, or call us at 1-866-577-2755. Want to send your equipment in for repairs? Find out what our shop can do here, and request service here.