Northwest Pump takes pride in knowing the industry ins and outs when it comes to Petroleum and Industrial products. We also strive to stay up-to-date in industry news which is why we are members of the below associations. With their help, we have been able to learn, grow, and interact with some of the best in the business.



  • Arizona Petroleum Marketers Association – The Arizona Petroleum Marketers Association (APMA) is the state’s trade association representing petroleum marketing, convenience store, and related industries. APMA’s primary purpose is to protect and advance its members’ legislative and regulatory interests in the state’s and nation’s capitols.
  • California Fuels & Convenience Alliance – Founded in 1952 as the California Independent Oil Marketers Association (CIOMA), now the California Fuels & Convenience Alliance (CFCA), CFCA is the industry’s statewide trade association representing the needs of independent wholesale and retail marketers of gasoline, diesel, lubricating oils and other petroleum products; transporters of those products; and retail convenience store operators.
  • Energy Marketers of America – Originally started in 1909, the EMA is now made up of about fifty other state and regional associations of energy marketers. This organization represents about 80% of all finished motor & heating fuel products sold within the US including hydrocarbon biofuels, diesel fuel, biofuel, heating fuel, jet fuel, kerosene, racing fuel, and lubricating oils.
  • Montana Petroleum Association – The Montana Petroleum Association is made up of over 150 members and is dedicated to engaging lawmakers, and to be an advocate of the oil & gas industry both in the state and in the country. The association’s members employ nearly thirty thousand workers.
  • Oregon Fuels Association – The Oregon Fuels Association (OFA) is the statewide association of fuel distributors, retailers, commercial fueling, and heating oil marketers. It brings together business people who have similar goals and concerns and gives them the advantages of a unified coalition of fuel professionals.
  • Petroleum Equipment Institute – PEI is an international trade association whose members manufacture, distribute and service petroleum marketing and liquid handling equipment. PEI’s mission is to be the leading authority and source of information for the fuel and fluid handling equipment industries and promote the value of distributor services and improve the business relationships of our members.
  • The Petroleum Marketers Association of America -The Petroleum Marketers Association of America (PMAA) is a federation of 47 state and regional trade associations representing approximately 8,000 independent petroleum marketers nationwide.
  • Tribal Convenience Store Association – The Tribal Convenience Store Association was founded in 2009 and is the only tribal-owned/led association of its kind. The association works to create a network across several tribes, reservations, and states to benefit each other’s convenience stores. Currently, the TCSA has representatives from almost thirty tribes and is a 501(c)(6) non-profit.
  • Washington Oil Marketers Association – The Washington Oil Marketers Association (WOMA) is a non-profit trade association with 78 individual and corporate members that market petroleum products in Washington State, and more than 50 associate members that sell products and services that support the petroleum industry.
  • Western Petroleum Marketing Association – WPMA is made up of seven separate state associations, including Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Washington. Washington state marketers unified and joined the IOMA (WPMA) in 1982 with the Inland Empire in the east and the WOMA association in the west.


  • Alaska Miners Association – Founded in 1939, the AMA was originally created to help miners advocate for themselves as well as connect with each other from all over the state. The Alaska Miners Association works to support and encourage responsible mining practices throughout Alaska, to monitor political processes to help keep lands available for mineral exploration and development, to ensure that regulations balance economically and environmentally beneficial practices, and to increase public awareness of the mineral industry and its impact on the state and on the country.
  • Alaska Water Wastewater Management Association – Formed in 1962 and granted 501(c)3 Non-Profit Status in 1997, the Alaska Water Wastewater Management Association (AWWMA) is dedicated to the stewardship of the environment, and the protection of public health. AWWMA is a leader in advancing the technology of Alaska’s water and wastewater industry, and active at the grassroots level in government policies relative to the stewardship of Alaska’s water resources and public health.
  • Food Northwest – Founded in 1914 and originally called the Northwest Food Processors Association, this organization is dedicated to food production in Oregon, Washington, & Idaho. Food Northwest is dedicated to providing members with knowledge on regulations regarding food, energy, and sustainability to business owners, and training and education to workers.
  • Montana Brewer’s Association – Originally founded in 1997 as the Montana State Brewers Association, the MBA is focused on promoting the production and sales of the finest Montana State beers. The organization is dedicated to the education and awareness of beer crafting as well as building a community in the local industry.
  • Montana Chamber of Commerce – The MCC is a nonprofit 501(c)(6) organization and is dedicated to creating and sustaining the right kind of business climate, prosperity, and any factors that impact success for Montana Businesses.
  • Oregon Winegrowers Association – the OWA advocates for wineries within the state of Oregon, by advocating for the growth and economic sustainability of Oregon’s wine grape growing and production communities. The organization acts on a state and national level.