While global supply chain strains were related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the semiconductor industry is still feeling the loss of production along with added pressure due to increased demand. The main cause of this shortage is that 75% of the world’s semiconductor supply has historically come from China and Taiwan. In the last few years, a global pandemic, trade difficulties, and natural disasters have impacted the region’s ability to produce the wafers, chips, and circuit boards that impact our everyday lives. As of August 2022, the US government has signed the CHIP and Science Act into law, providing funding for semiconductor manufacturers to begin production within the United States. Northwest Pump is committing to supplying critical equipment, such as acid transfer pumps, to semiconductor manufacturers on the West Coast.

CHIPS & Science Act

Since the CHIPS & Science Act was signed into law, the American government has allocated $39 billion in subsidies for US-based semiconductor manufacturers. These subsidies cover a wide range of financial assistance, including real estate costs, workforce expansion and training, childcare assistance, and more. Additionally, the CHIPS Act also provides a 25% investment tax credit for the costs of manufacturing equipment such as nitrogen generators for clean rooms, oil-free air compressors for wafer manufacturing, and acid transfer pumps for CMP processes. With these measures in place, the semiconductor sector in the US has seen tremendous growth in the past year.

How Northwest Pump is Impacting Manufacturing Efforts

Supplying Acid Transfer Pumps to the Semiconductor Industry

Since 2021, Northwest Pump has committed to changing our stocking strategy when it comes to critical equipment for our customers. We have worked to reduce lead times by increasing on-hand stock from 25 to 40%, depending on the vendor, adding a new warehouse, and expanding our inventory and operations teams. As a result of these radical changes, we have reduced lead times from up to 20 weeks to as short as 2 weeks and, in some instances, even same-day shipping or pickup. Increasing on-hand stock has been especially true as Northwest Pump recently committed to being the master distributor for PSG, a Dover Company’s European brands: Almatec, Abaque, and Mouvex.

AODD Pumps for Semiconductor Manufacturing

Air-operated double-diaphragm pumps offer a unique solution when compared to other types of positive displacement pumps, and this is no different for the semiconductor industry. For one, an AODD pump does not need an electrical power source. These pumps operate automatically once they are connected to a source of compressed air. This means an AODD pump can be just as effective submerged in fluid as it is outside of the container. AODD pumps offer shear sensitivity, working gently with or without solid particles or even slurries. Another benefit is that they are self-priming and can be deadhead without causing damage to the pump.

The durability and gentle fluid-handling qualities make AODD pumps a common choice for chemical transfer applications. They can operate in wide ranges for both temperature and pressure. If the compressed air exceeds its pressure capabilities, the pump simply spits out the air and resumes operation once again. These qualities also carry over to the semiconductor industry, where high-purity chemicals assist with CMP processes. Later, these pumps can assist in moving these chemicals after they mix with waste process water or even waste gases from clean rooms.

The Almatec Advantage

Almatec's AODD Acid Transfer Pumps

Almatec is a German-manufactured brand specializing in AODD pumps for high-purity chemical and acid transfer. What sets this brand apart is the construction; it machines its pumps out of solid blocks of PTFE, PE, or corrosive-resistant metals. Almatec’s plastic pumps have no metal in the wetted housing, which could be at risk in corrosive pumping applications. The E series pumps from Almatec can work in operating conditions up to 248°F, while the semiconductor specific FUTUR series can work with chemicals at near 400°F. Additionally, Almatec assembles its specialty FUTUR series pumps in cleanrooms to prevent unnecessary contamination from dust or dirt.

Next Steps

Northwest Pump is the master distributor for Almatec on the West Coast and in the Midwest, ranging from New Mexico to North Dakota. To find your local distributor for Almatec Pumps, see our distributor list below. For more information on how Almatec’s acid transfer pumps can help your semiconductor manufacturing processes, contact us using the button below. Use the ‘Request Service’ button below for service needs on your Almatec or AODD pumps.






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