Water usage and water conservation are becoming increasingly important topics for manufacturers. Reducing water waste can mean thousands of dollars in both water and energy expenses. One of our flagship vendors, Grundfos, specializes in water pumps that allow for better water efficiency, while still maintaining or even increasing the amount of product made.

Grundfos Pumps for Industrial Applications

Grundfos specializes in water pumps in a variety of styles to best match the spaces and needs of a facility. Our customers choose Grundfos water pumps because of the wide variety of tasks they can accomplish.

As an added benefit, this brand prides itself on its energy and water-saving pump technology and has pledged to help reduce water waste worldwide. Some case studies have shown up to a 20% decrease in water consumption at some facilities by implementing process-water recycling measures. Grundfos accomplishes this by reducing leaking through automation and its proportional pressure control during off-peak hours. Additionally, this control in pressure reduces the amount of water hammer in the system, which in-turn protects downstream equipment from premature failure.

In addition to these world-renowned water pumps, Grundfos also offers sensors & controllers to increase the capabilities of the pumping systems they create. This automation frees up facility staff to better oversee the entire production line.

Process Applications

Grundfos CR series water pumpsGrundfos offers water pumps such as the SP series, CR series, & NB series to act as intake pumps. The SP series of submersible pumps is best for groundwater uses, while the NB series offers single-stage end-suction pumps for surface or tap water. Grundfos’s CR series serves as the flagship multi-stage pump and works for a wide range of applications throughout a facility.

In addition to being able to transfer process liquids, Grundfos water pumps work well supporting machining applications as well as for sanitizing and cleaning processes. Grundfos offers solutions for clean-in-place needs, such as food production facilities, as well as solutions for conveyors & pipes. For additional sanitization, Grundfos even offers solutions for pasteurization & bottle washing, both of which are important features for dairies and breweries.

Temperature Control Applications

Grundfos water pumps can play a vital role in temperature management and have solutions for both increasing and decreasing temperatures to maintain the desired outcome. Whether working outside a facility in a cooling tower, or inside a facility, either working as chiller pumps or circulating pumps, a pump from Grundfos will go a long way. For a more in-depth look at how Grundfos water pumps work with cooling systems, click here.

Water Treatment Applications

Grundfos wastewater S series water pumpWith so many risks associated with unclean water, having the right equipment in place for water treatment is the first defense against disaster. The feed & backwater pumps Grundfos offers can be automated with pressure & temperature sensors also in Grundfos’s catalog to remove particulates from the water itself. From there, the water can be treated against bacteria, and distributed to where it needs to be through Paco’s KP & HS pumps or through the NB series end-suction pumps.

On the wastewater side of water treatment, Grundfos’s submersible S, SE, & SL series pumps work well with wastewater slurries. From there, it can be screened and filtered through sand, and sent through biological & chemical treatment, before being transported elsewhere for use. For facilities looking for sustainable solutions to reduce water waste, Grundfos offers systems to treat industrial process water in-house for immediate reuse.

View a more in-depth view of water treatment solutions from Grundfos here. View waste-water treatment solutions here.

Next Steps

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