Air compressors are an important piece of equipment for any facility that uses them. However, with the wrong approach, an air compressor can account for half of the cost of annual electricity. There are many different ways to prevent this kind of waste. One way is to consider oil free or an oil less compressor over oil-flooded. What will be better for your situation will vary on your circumstances. Here are five ways that an oil free compressor can be advantageous over an oil-flooded compressor.

1. Oil Free Compressors Eliminate Product Contamination

For those with sensitive applications, an oil free compressor is especially beneficial over an oil-flooded compressor. End products and uses will have significantly less oil condensate. Any industries with sanitary requirements, such as Food & Beverage and Pharmaceutical manufacturing, would be better off utilizing oil free compressors for their facilities. This is especially true for Sullair’s oil free DSP series. The DSP series offers ISO Class 0 air, which means it goes beyond the regulations set by ISO, with fewer solid particles per million than Class 1 air. For example, one feature that allows for this is the rotary screws themselves resist toxic contaminates, which could potentially stick to the rotors and reduce the air quality over time.

2. Oil Free Compressors Reduce Maintenance Requirements

Sullair has designed its oil free compressors to be durable and requires less maintenance than other compressors. This is accomplished with patented PTFE-free coated stainless steel rotary screws, patented pre-cooler design, and a capacity control system designed to operate one million cycles per year. Additionally, these rotors do not degrade over time, unlike other rotors.

3. An Oil Free Compressor Reduces the Annual Cost of Ownership

In the same vein as needing less maintenance, Sullair’s oil free compressors cost less per year than other compressors. This is due to a mix of factors. First, is mentioned above, facilities do not need to spend money on repairs or services for their compressors. Second, oil free compressors from Sullair come standard with an oil mister. Since no lubricant is used in the air compression process, the DSP compressor uses much less oil than a lubricated compressor, which means paying less for lubricants through the years.

4. New Compressor Technology Increases Speed Without Increasing Noise

Yes, you read that correctly. More compressed air without the noise. Sullair compressors use Hitachi state-of-the-art motors that are efficient, compact, and consume 30% less power when kept at no load. This is paired with a noise reducing full enclosure and a solid baseplate to keep the compressor as quiet as a dishwasher.

5. Oil Free Compressors Reduces Carbon Emissions

It goes without saying that reducing the amount of oil and other contaminants in compressed air means that the compressor itself is a great choice for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Additionally, Sullair has many ways to reduce electricity waste with various attachments and innovations to their products.

Next Steps

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