Diesel Exhaust Fluid Equipment

Diesel exhaust fluid is an aqueous urea solution made with 32.5% urea and 67.5% deionized water. DEF is a consumable selective catalytic reduction that lowers NOₓ concentrations in the diesel exhaust emissions from diesel engines. Engineered for efficiency and reliability, DEF pump systems provide superior performance and long service life at an affordable price.

DEF Pumps and Pump Systems

DEF Pumps and Pump Systems DEF Pumps and Pump Systems

Variations of standalone DEF pumps as well as complete DEF pump systems

Products include:

  • 115v pumps
  • 12v pumps
  • Diaphragm pumps
  • Centrifugal pumps
  • Manual pumps

DEF Storage

DEF Storage and Containers  . DEF Storage and Containers

Wide range of DEF storage as well as shelters

Products include:

  • Drum storage tanks
  • Tote storage tanks
  • Mini-Bulk storage
  • Aboveground poly tanks
  • Belowground fiberglass tanks
  • Shelters

Portable Dispensing Units

Portable Dispensing Units Portable Dispensing Units

Complete mobile solutions to your on-road and off-road dispensing needs. PDUs include everything you’ll need: a pump, hose, and nozzle

Products include:

  • Rugged all-poly housings
  • Powder-coated steel housings
  • 33 – 158 gallon capacities
  • Lockable and forkliftable
  • Heated models available

DEF Pump Packages

DEF Pumps DEF Pumps

Several combinations of complete packages for storing and dispensing DEF

Products include:

  • Drum pump packages
  • Tote pump packages
  • Pump options
  • Nozzle options
  • Meter options

Transfer Packages

transfer system packages transfer system packages

We offer multiple variations of transfer system packages

Products include:

  • Skid transfer packages
  • Cart transfer packages
  • Meter options


Petroleum product accessories Diesel Exhaust Fluid Equipment Accessories

Offers a complete line of accessories for DEF storage and dispensing

Products include:

  • Auto and manual nozzles
  • Stainless steel and poly nozzles
  • Meters
  • Hose reels
  • Stainless steel and polyfill valves
  • Stainless steel and poly dispense couplers
  • Downtubes

DEF Dispensers

DEF Dispensers Diesel Exhaust Fluid Dispensers

Products include:

  • Retail dispensers
  • Commercial dispenser

Sherman Mini Bulk DEF Tank Packages

Sherman Roto Tank has developed a family of Insulated “Yankee” and non-insulated “Rebel” DEF tank systems designed to provide end-users with superior quality and service. The Mini bulks are custom designed and built to your specifications.

Sherman Roto Tank brings over 10 years of experience in building tank systems that fit the needs of the customer. The DEF tanks systems are designed to offer the customer unparalleled features and benefits coupled with superior quality and customer service.

550 Gallon Mini

  • 550, 675+, and 1000 gallon Mini Bulks configured with all ISO 22241 components
  • Non-insulated Mini Bulk is suitable for warm weather climates
  • Wide variety of options
1,000 Gallon Mini Bulk

  • Micro Matic RSV or RPV closed systems
  • Anova FTM GPS liquid levels sensing
  • Piusi DEF family of pumps and dispensers
675+ Gallon Mini Bulk

  • 550, 675+, and 1000 gallon
  • Mini Bulksconfigured with all ISO 22241 components
  • Insulated Mini Bulk is suitable for warm and cold weather climates
  • Wide variety of options

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