Brand Spotlight: Wilo

Starting on July 1st this year, Northwest Pump is now partnering with Wilo to become an authorized service provider for Wilo brand pumps. In addition to selling Wilo & American-Marsh, Northwest Pump will now add Scot Pump, Weil Pump, & QuantumFlo to our list of vendors. We are also bringing Wilo and Wilo brand pumps to our Fresno branch. Here is a guide to Wilo, their brands, and the products & solutions they offer.

Wilo Pumps & Other Products

Wilo offers centrifugal, sump, in-line, end suction, split case, and submersible pumps for HVAC, water supply, drainage, and sewage. Many of Wilo’s centrifugal pumps are also ANSI and NSF certified. Additionally, Wilo also provides circulators, boosting systems, pressure tanks, and individual parts for aftermarket repairs.

Wilo Pump Catalog

Wilo’s Other Brand Pumps

American-Marsh Pumps

American-Marsh offers end suction, process sump, self-priming, split-case, ANSI process pumps, and vertical and submersible turbine pumps. Besides their pump offerings, American-Marsh also sells mechanical seals, electrical motors, and other fire protection equipment. This brand serves industrial, municipal, agricultural, commercial, & fire-protection markets.

Diagram of Close & Flex-Coupled/Inline End Suction Pumps

Scot Pump

Scott Pump CatalogScot Pump focuses on end suction single-stage centrifugal pumps designed for several applications. The uses range from industrial plants, temperature controllers, truck-mounted, marine environments, and outdoor rooftops, to name just a few. This manufacturer uses various materials such as iron, bronze, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Weil Pump

Weil specializes in centrifugal pumps. This brand offers submersible, grinder, sump, sewage, and dry well pumps, turbine condensate return pumps, booster systems, control panels, and other pumping accessory equipment.


QuatumFlo is the newest Wilo brand, and its focus is on packaged pumping systems. This brand not only manufactures pumps, it also offers software to maximize the efficiency of pump systems as well.

Next Steps

Did a product listed above catch your eye? Check out Wilo’s complete catalog with all four brands mentioned here.

Ready to inquire about Wilo pumps? Email our team for the next steps and other information by emailing sales@nwpump.com, calling us at 1-800-452-PUMP, or contacting us here. Does your Wilo brand pump need service? You can access our official Wilo service center pump shop by requesting service here, emailing service@nwpump.com, or calling 1-866-577-2755.