Gardner Denver

Gardner Denver

The Gardner Denver Industrials Group is one of the oldest leading providers of air compression and vacuum products. From modest beginnings as a small business located in the heartland of the United States, they have grown into a diversified corporation operating around the world. Gardner Denver is a parent company to MP Pumps, Oberdorfer, and Champion. Gardner Denver Pumps such as MP, Oberdorfer, and Champion offer self-priming centrifugal pumps, fuel transfer pumps, and booster pumps.

Gardner Denver Pumps

For over 80 years, MP Pumps have provided end-suction and self-priming centrifugal pumps for critical fluid transfer services. MP Pumps serve a variety of markets, including agriculture, transportation, and ware-wash. Their research and development and engineering expertise allow them to partner with OEM customers to satisfy the most demanding requirements.

MP Pump’s FLOMAX® Series

Gardner Denver Pumps

The FLOMAX® series of pumps are commonly used in Industrial, OEM, Agricultural, and Marine applications, such as Bilge Pumps, Auxiliary Fire Pumps, Ballast Transfer Pumps, Washdown Pumps, Fertilizer, and Pesticide Pumps, Applicators & Sprayers, Blending Pumps, Nurse Tanks, Bulk Transfer Pumps and much more.

MP Pump’s CHEMFLO® Series

Gardner Denver Pumps

The ChemFlo® series of pumps are designed to be applied in a wide range of pumping applications where stainless steel is required. The ChemFlo® pumps utilize a semi-open impeller design to allow for the passage of larger solid sizes than similar-sized enclosed impellers. Several seal options are available in addition to the standard type 2100 carbon / ceramic / Viton mechanical seal. Multiple impeller trims allow the ChemFlo ® to meet most duty points.

Gardner Denver Pumps

For over 100 years, Oberdorfer™ Pumps has been making high-quality, dependable pumps for almost every flow application.  Dating back to 1890, when they manufactured their first bronze gear pump, their many loyal customers attest that we’re an industry leader in innovation and design. From their trusted line of gear pumps to their durable CHEMSTEEL™ pumps line to our centrifugal and flexible impeller pumps, whether your needs are marine, agriculture, or chemical processing, the same quality, and craftsmanship goes into every single Oberdorfer™ product.

Oberdorfer’s Gear Pump

Gardner Denver Pumps

Oberdorfer may not have invented the gear pumps, but you could say they’ve perfected it. Founded on their line of bronze gear pumps, Oberdorfer continues to lead the industry in quality and innovation. The helical gears, which are cut on an angle to the face of the gear, allow for more material contact resulting in a better hydraulic range and quieter operation. While some manufacturers offer a few variations, Oberdorfer has a full selection of styles and models, which include:

  • External Gear Pumps
  • Pedestal Mount Gear Pumps
  • Clutch Driven Gear Pumps
  • Motor Mount Gear Pumps

Pump models feature a wide variety of construction materials to best suit your application. Choose from: bronze, lead-free alloy, stainless steel, cast iron, Hastelloy c, or non-metallic models of gear pumps.

Oberdorfer’s Centrifugal Pumps

Gardner Denver Pumps

Oberdorfer centrifugal pumps are of the single-stage and end suction. Models use open vane style and enclosed style impellers. Centrifugal pumps convert driver energy to kinetic energy in a liquid by accelerating it to the outer rim of a revolving impeller. Since the amount of energy given to the liquid corresponds to the velocity at the impeller vane tip, the faster the impeller revolves (or, the larger the impeller is), the higher the liquid’s momentum at the vane, the greater the energy transferred to the liquid. Compared to positive displacement devices, Centrifugal pumps are quieter and require no relief valve to protect the pumps from pressure build-up.

These pumps contain few moving parts resulting in less wear and less maintenance. Our centrifugal family models are made of bronze, which is ideal for marine applications and for handling harsh solvents. Our centrifugal pumps provide up to 20 feet of suction lift and can handle the most difficult solvents with the proper fluoroelastomer or Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) seal. Several of our centrifugal models are self-priming.

Oberdorfer’s Flexible Impeller Pumps

Gardner Denver Pumps

Impeller pumps are used mainly in grey water and black water transfer, engine cooling, baitwell, air conditioning, and other essential functions on boats, ships, and other marine applications. Pump styles include both pedestal style or flange mounted. On initial startup, the impeller pumps must be primed to prevent dry-running of the impeller. Suction lifts of 15 feet are possible when the pump is fully primed. A foot valve with a built-in strainer at the beginning of the suction line is recommended. Suction lines should be short as possible, while horizontal runs if needed, should be pitched upwards towards the pump. All pedestal and flange-mounted impeller pumps are made of high-quality bronze and offer maximum corrosion resistance. All shafts are constructed of grade 303 stainless steel. Choose from low flow, medium flow, or high flow flexible impeller pumps to fit your application.

Gardner Denver Pumps

Reciprocating Air Compressors

Champion air-cooled reciprocating pumps and air compressor packages can be used to match the needs of a wide variety of compressor applications. Champion has single-stage compressors designed for home use to multi-stage compressors that are used for plant air service. Champion reciprocating air compressors are well suited for many applications. Additionally, Champion offers 4 oil-less air compressor options for applications where air purity is critical.

Gardner Denver Pumps

Whether you need a single-stage or multi-stage reciprocating compressor, Champion has a product to meet your requirements.

Champion’s Reciprocating Air Compressors include:

Champion’s Oil-Less Air Compressors include:

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