Introducing Aquafighter®, the newest and best weapon in the fight for water free diesel tanks. Water is harmful to both the storage system and to the engines that consume the fuel. Elimination of water is the best method to preserve your system and yours, or your customers, mobile equipment. Aquafighter® can help your tank in several ways:

• Ingress from atmosphere
• Free water fall-out
• Condensation in tank
• On delivery from supplier
• Leakage into tank
• Spill bucket drain ports

Developed in Norway in 2015, Aquafighter® is the first product ever to accomplish the 3 indispensable actions that are necessary to achieve complete fuel purity and tank protection at all times over time.

1. De-emulsifies and actively removes water from fuel to 65ppm with 100% efficiency. (Aquafighter® does this without chemically altering the fuel)

2. Captures all free water in the tank, and immediately captures water as soon as it causes de-emulsification.

3. Isolates water in a protective gel to permanently segregate the water from the tank environment as well as from the fuel & holds it until removal from the tank.

Water free diesel tanks

Don’t be mistaken, every fuel tank on Earth takes in water from the air because of humidity that is naturally in the air (No, your tank is not an exception, even if you are in the desert). Atmospheric reality leaves no exceptions. Water can also come from the fuel delivery, but even with perfect fuel deliveries water accumulates in your tank daily that contaminates your fuel, damages your equipment, corrodes your tank and grows bacteria.

What’s Next?

If you are interested in the Aquafighter product and water free diesel tanks, Northwest Pump is now a distributor in all West Coast states. Contact us via email at sales@nwpump.com or call 1-800-452-PUMP. CLICK HERE for all our branch locations.