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Like any chain, the beer supply chain relies on each link. Given the world’s current predicament with COVID-19, CO2 is suddenly an issue. Supplies are lower than normal, prices are creeping up, and quality is a concern. According to the Brewers Association, the trade organization representing America’s small and independent brewers, CO2 suppliers have increased prices by about 25% due to reduced supply. Because of the shortage of CO2, more breweries are turning to Nitrogen for many of their processes.

From purging tanks between uses to keeping wort, beer and residual mash from oxidizing and contaminating the next batch of beer, nitrogen is the ideal gas for breweries. Nitrogen can also be used to push beer from one tank to the other, and in the final stages of the brewing process, it’s used to pressurize kegs prior to shipment and final use. If the quality of the product is to be ensured, then it needs to be constantly protected.

C02 Shoartage

N2 for Brew – On-Site Nitrogen Gas Generation for the Brewing Industry

On-site nitrogen gas generation produces a continuous supply of ultrapure, food grade nitrogen from readily available compressed air. When the true costs are accounted for, on-site gas generation is the most economical source of nitrogen. Subsequently, nitrogen gas generators give brewers control over their gas pressure, purity and flowrate and minimize production downtime due to the permanent availability of an on-demand nitrogen supply. So what type of nitrogen generator should you select?

The nitrogen gas generator technology of choice for breweries use a method called pressure swing adsorption (PSA). This technology uses 2 vessels (or 2 sets of vessels) filled with carbon molecular sieve (CMS) to separate compressed air. Oxygen and other waste gases are selectively adsorbed under pressure by the CMS, allowing nitrogen to pass through to the application.

C02 Shortage

Parker domnick hunter offers different types of Nitrosource generators, but for brewery applications it is usually their standard Nitrosource Nitrogen Generator.  The larger models of those generators, like the N2-65 to N2-80 range, are the best switch from CO2. With a complete N2 system using Sullair compressors and Parker Nitrogen generation system reduces particulates (atmospheric dust, rust and pipe scale), microorganisms, oil and water aerosols and water vapor. These particular generators are modular so customers can size for current use but that it is easy to expand as they grow, so there is no need to oversize upfront. Together with substantially lower servicing costs, reduced downtime and a longer working life, it adds up to the most cost-efficient nitrogen supply available.

With over 30 years of experience in the market, and over 50,000 gas generators installed globally, Parker domnick hunter is the first choice for innovative and reliable gas generation technology.

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