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We are happy to announce the partnership between Sharpe Mixer and Northwest Pump – providing equipment and engineering services for the advancement in mixing technology. Sharpe Mixers has been a trusted mixing partner since its founding in 1953. The Seattle based manufacturer offers quality engineering, superior products and a wide range of mixer designs.

Sharpe Mixer’s portable stainless steel F-Series stands for optimum sanitary mixers that maintain resistance to deterioration and contamination. This heavy duty portable line is perfect for both small-scale mixing in direct drive alignment where greater shear is required or the gear drive option which is best for larger volumes or higher viscosity fluids.

Sharpe Mixer’s F-Series carries several models including USDA approved stainless steel mixers such as Direct Drive, Gear Drive, and Thrifty mixers. Choose between a clamp, plate, or a flange mount depending on your industries need. The F-Series mixer line has been refined and improved over many years to assure that every component has significant advantages over any other mixers on the market.

Sharpe MixerSharpe MixerSharpe Mixer

F-Series Products we now sell include:

•Direct-drive heavy-duty Portables and F-Series mixers
•Gear-Drive heavy-duty Portables and F-Series mixers
•Thrifty Mixer

Industries include but not limited to:
• Biotech
• Pharmaceuticals
• Food
• Distilling
• Brewing
• Chemicals
• Water and Waste Water
• Biofuels
• Coatings
• And more!

Overall Product Highlights include:

•Direct drive or gear drive
•Commercially available components
•Clamp, fixed or closed tank mounting
•Hyflo hydrofoil
•Available in welded shaft/ impeller assemblies with a no, 4 polish
•Pre-engineered line of USDA approved portable mixers
•Tank sizes up to 5000 gal
•Viscosities up to 15000

Direct-drive Heavy Duty Portable Highlights:
• Standard Nema 56C frame motors are used to assure “off the shelf” availability and a wide range of motor options
• Shaft coupling is protected from corrosion, safely located inside the sealed housing.
• Outboard shaft bearing minimizes whip and vibration.
• A rubber- encapsulated vapor seal protects internal parts
• Alloy mixer housings are powder coated for maximum durability
• Stainless-Steel mounting clamp (guaranteed for life against breakage!)
• Oversize ¾, 1” and 1-1/4” diameter shafts are used for maximum stability and long life
• S.S.316 marine propeller provided standard. Shear discs or other impellers available

Gear Drive Heavy- Duty Portable Highlights:
• Precision helical gearing is hardened and ground for exceptional strength, durability and quiet operation.
• Outboard shaft bearing minimizes whip and vibration
• Wide range of motor options
• Shaft Coupling is protected from corrosion, safely located inside the sealed housing
• Ball and socket mount allows 360 degree rotation and 90 degree vertical adjustments
• Energy –efficient Hyflo 218 impellers pump more for less power. SS316 construction

Thrifty Mixers:
• Adjustable-angle mounting clamp and housing are made of heat-treated aluminum
• Non-proprietary 56C motors. Standard 1-ph models include 10 ft cord with switch and 3- prong plug
• Shaft coupling is enclosed within a protective housing
• SS316 marine propellers furnished standard. Folding blade impellers are available for installation through 2” NPT bungs on barrel mixers

For information on your Sharpe mixer, contact NWP at sales@nwpump.com or call 1-800-452-PUMP.