What is NEVI?

The National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) is a program managed by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). NEVI aims to fund a resilient, equitable, and accessible national network of Level 3 EV fast charging stations along the nation’s highways.

Each state participated in helping map “Alternative Fuel Corridors” that string a chain of EV charging stations spaced no more than 50 miles apart in pathways that create an interconnected network. This will allow EV owners to travel cross-country without having the fear of running out of power.

How Northwest Pump Can Help You

At Northwest Pump, we can provide all the products you need to attract new and existing charging clients that will put your site’s location/s on the map. Once you have applied and been approved, we can start the process of getting you the right products. Here is our product lineup:

  electric charger 

Requirements To Meet NEVI Funding

NEVI requires that states meet strict specifications in their EV plans and networks in order to qualify for the funds. These requirements were designed to provide convenient charging for EV drivers who need fast charging locally or while on a trip. To be eligible for funding of up to 80% of project costs, locations must:

  • Be within 1 mile of established alternative fuel corridors (AFCS).
  • Accommodate the power requirements for DC solutions.
  • Charge four vehicles at 150 kW at the same time.
  • Cover remaining total project costs.

Special Financing Options Provided by Patriot Capital

Our special program & partnership with Patriot Capital lets us offer 3 options that are available for NEVI program transactions. These programs provide between 20-100% financing options with varying terms.

Patriot Capital

Next steps:

Once you are qualified for a NEVI site, use the “Contact Us” button to get in touch with your Northwest Pump sales rep. If you want to learn more information regarding NEVI in other states, you can click the “More Information” button.