Whether working on a corporate fleet or providing maintenance to customers’ vehicles, having easy access to lubrication equipment in the shop increases overall efficiency. Northwest Pump has been a leading supplier of petroleum products since 1959. However, in the last few years, our Industrial Service Division has worked to provide custom-built lubrication system packages for customers. We offer lubrication solutions for any shop, fleet, or facility, with options for DEF to even window-washing fluid.

Our Expertise

lubrication system piping

Northwest Pump utilizes the Industrial Service technicians to install the lubrication systems. Our compressor technicians are already familiar with how to best install piping for optimal air pressure at point-of-use. The already-present compressors will provide the air needed to operate the air pumps controlling these systems. Another benefit for our current compressor service customers is our technicians’ familiarity with how the shop uses its air. Having an established relationship with the customer provides better insights and better outcomes for these lubrication systems. Our systems have an expected ‘lifespan’ of up to fifty years.

The Industrial Service Team has offered these system installation services since 2017, with over twenty-five projects completed since then. If service needs arise on our lubrication systems after installation, our Industrial service technicians will provide the required maintenance. The onsite installation team collaborates with the customers to build the best layout possible.

What to Expect During Lubrication System Installations

NWP Service team bending pipes onsite for lubrication install.

The lubrication systems we provide are custom-built to the customers’ needs, ranging from small portable systems to large systems spanning the interior and exterior of the shop. Our installation encompasses tanks to grease guns, using our high-quality hose reels, pumps, and piping. Metering and automation controls are also available for each nozzle for real-time analysis of how much lubrication is used per application.

Each fluid will have its own separate piping, nozzle, and tank systems. Our technicians have previously installed up to thirteen separate systems simultaneously. Depending on the spacing available within the shop, we will install as many fluids as the shop allows and or requires. Our team uses piping that we can bend onsite for faster installation times, or in case of any last-minute adjustments. The service technicians ensure the installed piping meets pressure and volume requirements. With pressure drops at every turn, we keep all piping straight with as few bends, curves, or fittings as possible. The result is a pristine, professional look in all the shops we work with.

Depending on the size of the shop’s interior or exterior, programming any additional automation equipment, and the amount of piping needed, our installation appointments can take as little as one day to complete or up to several weeks. Onsite technicians always inform customers of when potential downtimes may occur. However, they are able to adjust their schedule to minimize any downtime requirements, up to and including performing installations on the customer’s off-hours.

Next Steps

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