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When equipment fails, no feeling can be better than knowing that there is a warranty to protect from unnecessary costs of repairs or replacements. Many of our vendors offer warranties; however, Sullair offers a superior compressor warranty in the industry to prove their products’ quality. Here is what you need to know about Sullair’s Diamond Warranty.

What does this compressor warranty cover?

The majority of Sullair’s compressors include compressor warrantythe Diamond Warranty*. It covers most Sullair compressor units with a discharge pressure of 150 PSIG or less. The warranty covers all major components for new air compressors, including 10 years on the air end plus 5 years on the motor and other components such as the air/fluid receiver, oil cooler, and aftercooler.  The extent of warranty coverage shows how confident Sullair is in the longevity of its products.

* Sullair’s ShopTek Series compressors include The Emerald Warranty as standard.  The Diamond Warranty is available as an upgraded option.

How do I maintain this warranty?

Every warranty has terms and conditions to ensure that equipment is kept to standards before repairs, and Sullair’s Diamond & Emerald compressor warranties are no different. To be eligible for either, facilities will need to follow five guidelines, which are:

  1. An authorized Sullair Distributor must do startup & serving and complete the warranty documentation.
  2. All compressors built after January 1, 2014, must participate in Sullair’s oil sampling program. Participating facilities must take samples every 2000 hours (or twice per year, whichever occurs first). Missed intervals or two bad tests void the warranty.
  3. Purchaser(s) must use genuine Sullube® lubricant.
  4. Purchaser(s) must maintain the machine(s) at Sullair’s recommended intervals & requirements.
  5. The compressor covered must use genuine Sullair parts.

Next Steps

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