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As of November 2020, NW Pump has become an official distributor for Atlas Copco portable pumps. Altas Copco is a leading manufacturer of rotating equipment for the Industrial and Construction markets. Recently, the Swedish multinational industrial company introduced a line up of NEW PAC H Range Pumps designed with maximize uptime and extended product lifespan.

Product lineup includes:

-PAC H64
-PAC H108

The NEW PAC H Range pumps are used for high-pressure industrial applications such as dewatering, quarrying and surface mining. This pump features its ability to handle liquids containing solids of up to 3.5″ in size, increasing the products lifespan and reducing downtime. These high head centrifugal pumps deliver substantial savings towards operational cost and OPEX (Operational Expenditure).

Pac H Range- Portable Pumps-Side

Pac H Range- Portable Pumps-Side

The PAC H Range series features a maximum head size of 500ft and a maximum flow of up to 6400 US gpm. Corrosion free through a fully protected cross-linked polyethylene fuel cell reduces clean up time. Through a fully protected seal equipped with deflector vanes, your pumps seal life last up to 3 times longer. And with compact proportions, the PAC H range allows for easy transportability with up to 3 units on a regular 48 ft. flatbed trailer.

Atlas Copco PAC H pumps decreases repair time by 30% times compared to other products. Made possible by the pumps hinge kit that includes a swing door that allows easy access to the pump’s internal workings and a single bolt to remove the impeller. Through this compact design, customer’s can be assured they can return to operation in a timely manner.

Pac H Range- Portable Pumps- Front

Pac H Range- Portable Pumps- Front

The New PAC H range is available in four models is the best dewatering solution for a wide range of applications. It’s loaded with innovative design features that can help you save money.

Just check the many benefits and and features the PAC H Range pumps have to offer:

– 3 times longer seal life
– Up to 30% Reduced MTTR
-Up to 3 units on a trailer
-Fuel cell is made out of cross-linked polyethylene; giving it strength and making it temperature and environmental resistant
– No metal oxidation; Cleaner fuel lines and less maintenance
-Reduces condensation, increasing the filter lifecycle
-Max Head up to 500 ft.
-Max flow up to 6400 US gpm
-Up to 3.5 in solids handling

For more information about the Atlas Copco brand, please reach out to sales@nwpump.com or call 1-800-452-PUMP.