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EMV deadline this, EMV deadline that, why is this deadline taking over my news feed you ask? What even is an EMV chip reader? The EMV card is a smart card, with an embedded microchip that contains the card user’s information. The chip creates a unique transaction code that can’t be duplicated, ensuring each transaction is legitimate. The card data can’t be swiped from the chip like the magnetic stripe. Most fraud happens when a skimmer or a shimmer is used.

What is a skimmer? A skimmer is a device that connects directly to the pump’s power supply, and include a Bluetooth chip that enables thieves to retrieve the stolen data wirelessly — just by pulling up to the pump and opening up a laptop.

What is a shimmer? A shimmer is a small, thin chip that’s tucked inside the slot of a card reader. By contrast, a skimmer often is fitted over a card reader, making it easier to see. “The shimmer is extremely subtle and difficult to spot. It is also able to steal the card data from a chip-based card, thereby bypassing the enhanced security of the new smart-chip system,” says David Kennedy, founder and senior principal security consultant of TrustedSec, an information security consulting company. The shimmer records the card data, which then is used to produce a magnetic strip card, he says.

So why upgrade to the new EMV compliant card readers by April 2021? Not upgrading could have severe repercussions to your business if ignored. Starting April of 2021, credit card companies are no longer going to refund any stolen money due to non-EMV compliant payments systems. This means, all store owners are going to have to cover the cost of fraudulent charges out of their own pockets.

Can I just wait until April to upgrade? The time it takes to get the EMV complaint products ordered, shipped and then installed could take months. That is why a lot of gas station owners have already upgraded so they are not missing the April 2021 deadline.

What are my options for EMV complaint products? There are a few options when it comes to upgrading your dispensers so they are EMV complaint. One option is to replace the entire dispenser with a new EMV compliant one. The other option is to get a retrofit that will replace just the payment portion of the dispenser on the gas pump. However, if your dispensers are old and in need a face lift, now is the perfect time to take the plunge and replace the old dispensers with something new like the Encore 700 S.

Who do I contact to get upgraded? This is where we come in, Northwest Pump! We can get your parts ordered for you as well as get an installation set up. We promise to be there from the start to finish. We work directly with the vendor as well as the installers to make sure that your EMV upgrade is a seamless as possible. If you are looking for a specific branch CLICK HERE for all our locations and phone numbers. If you are not sure what area you fall under, contact sales@nwpump.com or call 1-800-452-PUMP and our Inside Sales team will get you to the right person and answer any questions you have about the EMV upgrade.

Don’t let this deadline pass you by. Be proactive and get ahead of the deadline by ordering your EMV products today!