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Northwest Pump has a lot to be thankful for as we move into quarter 3 of our 60th year. There have been a lot of speed bumps and milestones crossed along the way, but the reason for the business getting this far has always been because of our people. Whether it’s our top-notch sales staff, our knowledgeable customer service team, or our speedy installation group, we pride ourselves in hiring team members that help us achieve our goal of putting the customer first.

When you walk into our home office in Portland, OR and turn left, you will see a list of employees who have given over 25 years of dedication to “The Pump”. Our staff are not just the people we hire to work for us, but the people who have stood by us for years and been a staple in making us the best company we can possibly be. Our staff in a few words are our family.

When reaching out to our team, know that your needs will be met and we will take care of you, the same way we take care of each other!

Employee Testimonials-

“I enjoy working for Northwest Pump because my co-workers are fantastic. People are genuinely happy to see one another each day and we work well together. Everyone works hard and it’s very much a team environment. Our CEO is a great leader and a joy to work for. ”

“Northwest Pump’s ESOP culture and team building makes them a great company to work for. Our reputation as a leader in the industry is what sets us apart from the rest.”

“Northwest Pump has created relationships with some of the most respected vendors in our industry and have built a reputation as being the best at what we do. Our customers care about having access to quality equipment with ongoing support after the sale. This makes our job as sales and service people valued and respected. This makes the job enjoyable.”

“People & culture are the reasons I love working at Northwest Pump. Our fellow co-owners take tremendous pride in their work & customer service, and knowing each one of us contribute to the overall profitability of our company. The culture is unmatched.”