Transfer Pumps and Meters

transfer pump

A transfer pump is a device that makes it easy to move fluids and other materials. Transfer pumps create suction, which carries the liquid from one point to another, such as from a pipeline to a bulk tank. Check out our AC & DC transfer pumps, hand pumps, and flowmeters.

AC & DC Transfer Pumps

AC Pump

AC & DC Transfer Pump

Products include:

  • 115v AC Pumps
  • 115/230v AC Pumps
  • High Flow AC Pumps
  • Mobile Pumping Units
  • 1.5″ AC Pumps
  • 1.5″ DC Pumps
  • 2.0″ Pumps

DC Pump

Fill-Rite DC Pump

Products include:

  • 12v DC Pumps
  • 24v DC Pumps
  • High Flow DC Pumps
  • Mobile Pumping Units
  • 1.5″ AC Pumps
  • 1.5″ DC Pumps
  • 2.0″ Pumps

Hand Pumps

Petroleum Hand Pump

Products include:

  • Rotary Hand Pumps
  • Piston Hand Pumps
  • Lever Piston Hand Pumps

Interested in our hand pumps? Click here to shop our online store.

Flow Meters

Flow Meter

Products include:

  • Mechanical 3 Wheel Register Meters
  • Mechanical 4 Wheel Register Meters
  • Digital Display Meters
  • High Flow Meters
  • High-Pressure Meters

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