Submersible Turbine Pump and Leak Detectors

A submersible pump system

A submersible pump system (or sub pump, electric submersible pump (ESP)) is a device that has a hermetically sealed motor close-coupled to the pump body. The whole assembly is submerged in the fluid to be pumped.

FE Petro Submersible Turbine Pumps

Franklin’s FE Petro™ brand variable speed submersible turbine pumps

Franklin’s FE Petro™ brand variable speed submersible turbine pumps (STPs) were the first of their kind for the petroleum equipment industry. With faster fill times during peak hours and power savings during non-peak hours, FE Petro™ brand variable speed STPs allow you to maximize profits while minimizing operating expenses. These benefits are something only FE Petro™ brand variable speed STPs, the industry’s highest-performing 4″ diameter STPs, can provide.

Franklin Fueling Systems – Red Jacket Submersible Turbine Pumps

Veeder-Root’s Red Jacket pumps

Veeder-Root’s Red Jacket line of pumps delivers faster, more reliable fuel flow for the lowest cost of ownership. The Red Jacket is a fixed-speed submersible turbine pump that optimizes fuel flow to your dispensers. Its motor performance delivers higher flow rates than any other motor in the industry. And it features Red Jacket’s advanced packer manifold design, making it the industry’s easiest and safest STP to install and service. Available in ¾HP to 2HP configurations and fixed or variable Quick Set lengths.

Key features:

  • Superior motor design delivers higher flow rates, lower power consumption, and increased safety and reliability.
  • Advanced packer manifold delivers automatic fuel drain, electrical disconnect, and reduced lifting force for the increased site and environmental safety.
  • Built-in isolated contractor’s box for quicker and safer installation.
  • Automatic electrical disconnect offers increased safety.
  • Check valve and manifold design for easier line tests & servicing.
  • AG Model is available for Ethanol or Methanol concentrations up to 100%.

Veeder-Root – FE Petro Line Leak Detectors

Veeder-Root – FE Petro Line Leak Detectors

Franklin’s FE Petro™ brand mechanical leak detectors provide precise leak detection for standard fuel and biofuel applications on 4″ submersible turbine pumps (STPs). This lineup of advanced mechanical leak detectors features reliable line leak detection capabilities and maximum product flow rates. FE Petro’s mechanical leak detectors feature a compact, yet rugged design to reduce installation height and provide accurate, hassle-free operation.

Franklin Fueling Systems – Veeder-Root Line Leak Detectors

Franklin’s FE Petro™ brand mechanical leak detectors

Veeder-Root’s Red Jacket FXV Mechanical Line Leak Detection offers the fastest line leak detection available for hourly monitoring.

Red Jacket FXV Mechanical Line Leak Detection products are built for superior performance and to keep operators in compliance – even in the most challenging environments. They offer the fastest line leak test available for hourly monitoring – the most cost-effective and reliable means to meet U.S. Federal E.P.A. catastrophic line leak detection requirements and are guaranteed for two full years.

Key features:

  • Meets E.P.A requirements in environments that experience extreme temperature changes
  • Adapts to applications using high-resiliency lines, such as flexible piping
  • Installs and troubleshoots easily and with no special wrenches or tools
  • Handles a variety of fuels, including diesel
  • Guaranteed to detect at a rate of 3 GPH at 10 psi for 24 months from the date of manufacture

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