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Piping and Containment Systems

Piping and Containment Systems

Northwest Pump offers complete lines of underground containment products including pipe, fittings, sumps and boots. Whether it is product piping or vent piping, fiberglass or polyethylene sumps, we have the solution to fit any scenario. Designed to provide the highest level of dispensing performance, installation efficiency and containment protection, Northwest Pump offers cost-effective products for UST operators.

Fuel Transfer Piping

Pipework solutions for diverse site needs including flexible pipe and semi-rigid pipe, providing a higher level of protection, advanced compliance, and cost controls.

Products include:

  • Primary and secondary contained
  • Flexible
  • Semi-rigid
  • Pressure and suction applications
  • APT

Boots, Flanges, Fittings & Couplings

Components designed to operate in unison to ensure long-term system integrity and performance to meet virtually any underground piping requirement.

Products include:

  • Test boots
  • Tank sump mounting flanges
  • Sump entry fittings
  • Pipe fittings
  • Pipe couplings

Dispenser Sumps

Dispenser sumps are installed beneath fuel dispensers to provide access to, and secondary containment of, dispenser plumbing, emergency shear valves and underground piping connections.

Products include:

  • One-piece polyethylene sumps
  • Wide-access polyethylene sumps
  • Fiberglass sumps
  • Wide-access fiberglass sumps
  • Dispenser sump accessories

Watertight Wire Management System

Cable Tight™ from Franklin Fueling Systems protects and extends the life of vital petroleum system electrical and data wiring. The electrofusion welding installation process that has been used to create seamless, watertight petroleum pipework connections for over 30 years is now available in a solution designed specifically for petroleum system electrical and data wiring.

Features include:

  • Accurate installation
  • Elimination of liquid entry paths underground
  • Watertight containment sump entry
  • Highly flexible, highly durable

Download the Cable Tight™ brochure

Flexible Connectors

Flexible connectors allow you to easily make pipework connections in tight spaces within dispenser and tank containment sumps. Flexibility and quick connection make both installation and maintenance easy.

  • Easily connect a pipework system to other equipment like submersible turbine pump manifolds, shear valves, or even other types of pipework with secure, watertight connections.
  • Completely customize a flexible connector to fit your application with a wide range of diameter, length, and end fitting connection options to choose from in either nickel plated steel or full stainless steel construction.
  • Meet the real-world demands of contractors and customize basic flexible connectors right at your parts counter.

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