Fuel Management Systems

Fuel management systems are used to track and measure fuel inventory and how it is dispensed accurately.

Veeder-Root TLS-450 Automatic Tank Gauge

fuel tank management

With Veeder-Roots TLS-450, we offer the most advanced and fully-featured gauge solution available. Designed to monitor and protect your tanks, it offers industry-leading accuracy as well as maximum station flexibility. Besides managing inventory, deliveries, and alarm information from any computer, smart device, or iPad, Veeder-Root’s online technology and intuitive user interface can also provide seamless access to all federal, state, and local authorities.

Key features:

  • Web-enabled, allowing users to manage fuel and compliance information online from any web browser at any location
  • Leverages business inventory reconciliation (BIR) technology to identify and reconcile variances in your fuel deliveries
  • Utilizes AccuChart II for pinpoint tank calibration
  • Fully scalable, for today/tomorrow’s needs

INCON TS-550 Evo & TS-5000 Evo Tank Gauge Consoles

fuel management system

INCON™ brand TS-550 Evo and TS-5000 Evo fuel management systems bring a new level of usability and functionality. With a highly evolved user interface and a fast new processor, the proven T5 Series platform makes everything from daily functions to advanced setup and programming simple for everyone.

Interface evolved

The brilliant color of the 7” touch screen brings a new level to user-friendlessness. Enabling easy navigation by color rather than memorizing buttons and locations. In addition to vibrant new icons and programmable color options, this is the most intuitive tank gauge available.

Key features:

  • Brilliant full color, animated display
  • Intuitively re-designed icons and buttons
  • Programmable product colors
  • Familiar to existing users but easy for new ones



For a fraction of the cost of traditional systems, FuelCloud allows users to control every gallon in their on-site tanks, track their inventory, run unlimited custom reports, and even request tax refunds for off-road use. Isn’t it time your fuel starts working for you?

With FuelClouds patent-pending hardware, you can use any iOS or Android device to authorize transactions, collect fuel usage and vehicle data, and install the equipment in just minutes. You can also use the FuelCloud App to collect data from your drivers. Lastly, FuelCloud is the first cloud-based fluid management system, giving you access to the accounting and operations tools you need, anywhere, at any time.

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