Cardlocks are automated, open 24/7/365, unattended fueling sites designed for commercial fleet vehicles. They have excellent accessibility for larger commercial trucks and are more convenient and efficient than retail fuel sites.

Petro Vend 100® Fuel Control System

OPW Fuel Management Systems proudly introduces the Petro Vend 100® (PV100®) Fuel Control System – a stand-alone, pedestal-mounted system for small or mid-sized fleet-fueling sites that require one- or two-hose control.

The OPW Petro Vend 100® is the ideal solution for unattended fueling for small or mid-sized fleets. As a “turnkey system,” the unit is designed for quick and easy installation. It ships ready-to-use with 50 pre-configured users and requires only power, pulser and hose-control line connections in order to initiate system operation. The PV100® stores dispensed fuel amounts as card- and pump-specific totals, which can be viewed on the display or retrieved with an external USB flash drive.

Features include:

  • Controls up to two hoses for mechanical pumps
  • User selectable PINs, from 3 to 6 digits in length, allowing only authorized users to access fuel
  • Monochrome graphic display
  • Optional dual-head magnetic card reader
  • Optional HID proximity key-fob reader
  • Optional USB flash drive for transaction storage
  • Allows you to adjust programming parameters, view card and pump totals, and transfer all data to a USB flash drive via Manager Card access in on-screen manager mode

    FSC3000™ Fuel Site Controller

    The FSC3000™ Fuel Site Controller sets the standard in fuel-management systems. The FSC3000™ is the most comprehensive solution for your fleet-fueling or petroleum-marketing applications, featuring the capability to conveniently track and report fueling transactions by driver and/or vehicle.

    The FSC3000™ Fuel Site Controller interfaces with many authorization and commercial fueling networks, as well as proprietary network cards. It allows the user to set fueling restrictions that limit specific vehicles to the type of fuel used and quantities purchased, thereby assuring complete fueling-system security, accountability and control.

    Features include:

    • NEW Each FSC3000™ can now control up to 12 FITs or Dispenser Terminal Controls (DTC) with a maximum of 32 hoses per site
    • Optional Direct Pump Control communication via current loop or serial interface for Gilbarco, Wayne or NEW Gasboy dispensers
    • NEW ChipKey® R/W Mileage Reasonability
    • NEW Optional Dispenser Terminal Control allows communication to Gilbarco CRINDs and Wayne CAT in-dispenser card readers
    • NEW Optional Tiered Accounts for credit cards and/or proprietary cards/keys to set tier pricing on a user-entered “Account” number
    • NEW Optional Tiered Discount (supports Gasboy-formatted cards)
    • Optional NEW Wireless 3G modem, Bluetooth®, 802.11 WiFi communication devices allow communication to remote locations in order to facilitate updates and retrieval of transaction data

    K800™ Hybrid Fuel Control System

    Now with the flexibility of having the fuel site controller within the Fuel Island Terminal as a stand-alone system for sites that require outdoor installations, or as a separate unit indoors.

    Whether operating a small fleet with a single fuel site or a large fleet with multiple sites, the Petro Vend K800™ Hybrid Fuel Control System can help you improve the management of your unattended fueling operations by controlling one of your biggest assets and expenses – your fuel.

    Features include:

    • Savings – Ideal for small private fleets needing low cost fuel management system
    • Easy-to-Use – Customizable prompts for driver clarity. ARTWare™ PC software makes configuration a snap
    • Installation – Integrated FSC3000™ Fuel Site Controller for installations where no building is available. USB key for transaction backup and card file updates
    • Communication – Optional 900 MHz wireless communication between island and building. Cell modem, Bluetooth® and 802.11 WiFi communication also available
    • PCI compliance via multi-tracking application PA-DSS (Payment Application Data Security Standard) for the FSC3000™ Fuel Site Controller
    • System management easily performed on-site or remotely via dial-up, cell phone modem, LAN/WAN, or Bluetooth™

    Next steps:

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