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Our History

Northwest Pump & Equipment was founded in 1959 with branches in Portland, Seattle and Spokane, WA. Following three decades providing excellent service to customers in the Pacific Northwest, the company added branches in Honolulu and Anchorage in the 1990's. The purchase of Shaw & Little, Inc. in 2000 added branches in San Diego and Phoenix. Since then, nine new branches have been opened to better serve growing populations in California, Nevada, Washington, Idaho, and Montana. These branches are located in Glendale, Sacramento, Fresno, Fremont, and Anaheim, California; Pasco, Washington; Tucson, Arizona; Boise, Idaho; and Billings, Montana. In addition to the cities and states listed, Northwest Pump also serves customers in Baja, Mexico.

Employee Ownership

In 2006, Northwest Pump became an employee owned company with the establishment of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). As "co-owners" of Northwest Pump, all employees have a meaningful incentive, as well as responsibility, to contribute to the success of the company and its customers.

Our Business

Northwest Pump is committed to providing the highest quality products and service in all our businesses. That is why we are selective about the lines we choose to represent. To effectively manage our business, we operate in three distinct divisions: Petroleum Equipment Sales, Industrial Equipment Sales, and Service.

The Petroleum Equipment Sales division offers our complete line of products from all our branches. The products available include service station and commercial pump equipment; underground (UST) and above ground (AST) storage tanks; bulk petroleum pumps and meters; valves and fittings; fiberglass and polyethylene pipe; electronic point-of-sale terminals, card lock systems; tank gauging equipment; lubrication equipment; lighting and emergency response spill sorbents and kits.

Our Service division offers direct or partner Service in every division across our territory, as well as maintenance plans and a 24 hour call center. We now offer comprehensive petroleum equipment Service in Oregon, Washington, Arizona, and San Diego, CA through our partner, SME Solutions. Northwest Pump also provides line testing and compliance services in our primary service markets. In addition, the company uses and promotes the services of SolvOne, a national service network. SolvOne is a single source provider of 24/7 call center dispatch service, technical help desk and project management for locations throughout the United States.

Our Industrial Equipment Sales division handles positive displacement and ANSI centrifugal industrial pumps and meters, vertical turbines, and compressed air systems. We also offer industrial pump and compressor repair and service through this division.

We partner with service providers throughout the rest of our territory to ensure customer satisfaction wherever service is needed.