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System One Centrifugal Pumps

System One Centrifugal Pumps

The System One Centrifugal Pumps are designed specifically to operate in severe process industry applications and contain oversized bearings to offer greater load capacity and extended bearing life. These pumps increase productivity while providing maximum reliability in the toughest applications, such as mining de-watering, chemical processes, and water/wastewater treatment. System One is a product line owned by Blackmer, which is a brand of PSG, a Dover Company.

The simplest type of centrifugal pump is the single-stage machine that consists fundamentally of a rotating element, called an impeller, and a casing. The liquid is led to the eye or center of the impeller and is set into rotation by the impeller vanes. By virtue of centrifugal force, the liquid is thrown from the rim or periphery of the impeller with a considerable velocity and pressure. The casing, which closely surrounds the impeller, has a volute-shaped passage of increasing area, which collects the liquid leaving the impeller and converts a portion of its velocity energy into additional pressure energy. This casing passage leads to the discharge nozzle of the pump, where it is forced into the discharge piping.

Frame S Centrifugal Pumps

Frame S System One

The System One® Frame S Centrifugal Pump is the heavy-duty alternative to standard small frame pumps. These can easily become overstressed when operated off the best efficiency point of its performance curve. The Frame S Centrifugal Pump provides mid-frame strength and reliability in small frame space. It can be installed in the same space, on the same baseplate, and with the same piping as conventional small frame pumps and is available in four different sizes.

Frame A/LD17 Centrifugal Pumps

System One's Frame A_LD17

The System One®  Frame A and robust LD17 Centrifugal Pumps are pioneering process pump with the built-in technology to get the most from seal and bearing life. Designed around the seal where 90% of pump failures occur, these centrifugal pumps have a stiffer, heavy-duty shaft and larger bearings resulting in the widest operational window of the Best Efficiency Point (BEP) than any standard process pump. These pumps come in 11 different sizes, meaning they are applicable for a wide range of fit scenarios and application needs. The Frame A/LD17 has the stiffest shaft in the industry, which dramatically reduces seal and shaft failures. The Frame A/LD17 reaches flow capacities of 1,400 GPM (320 m3/hr) and is available in IPP metric construction.

Frame M Centrifugal Pumps

System One's Frame M

The System One Frame M Centrifugal Pump incorporates proven design features that provide maximum reliability and long life for the most demanding applications. Unparalleled design matched with the best warranty in the industry makes the System One Frame M the most cost-effective pumping system available. The Frame M Centrifugal Pump offers the lowest L3/D4 stiffness ratio of any standard competitive size pump. It is engineered with the same heavy-duty advantages as the Frame LD17, with capacities of up to 4,500 GPM.

System One Power End Conversions

System One Power End Conversions

The System One®’s power ends allow operators to upgrade their existing pump with the functional abilities and benefits of the System One Heavy Duty Design. These conversions increase resistance to deflection and vibration, and direct replacements are available for popular models, with universal configurations to fit most other pumps. With a solid shaft (no sleeve) and shorter overhang, System One pumps offer the lowest LD ratio in the industry. They are especially suited for maximizing the seal/bearing life and operation of the BEP. This power ends feature C-frame motor adapter capabilities that provide precise alignment for quick and repeatable motor mounting and eliminate vibration. And, skill level, temperature concerns, and time constraints are all eliminated with the simplified motor mounting.

System One High-Temperature Series

System One High Temperature

The pre-configured System One High-Temperature Series has increased the max temperature limits for Frame A and Frame M Centrifugal Pumps with the 450°F Line and 650°F Line. Now able to exceed the 400°F (204°C) standard temperature limit of System One Pumps, the System One High Temp Series allows for maximum temperatures of up to 450°F (232°C) with 450°F Line, 650°F (343°C) with the 650°F Line or even up to 750°F (398°C) with additional configurations and factory consultation. Utilizing high-temperature flanges and elastomers, along with the unique centerline mount that supports high temperatures, the System One High-Temperature Series further entrenches these pump’s ability to safely transfer critical and valuable fluids reliability in the harshest of service conditions.

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