Circle K Chevron

Challenge: When an established owner/operator was looking to build a new site near a new Interstate 5 interchange, Northwest Pump faced steep competition in the bidding phase. Northwest Pump was granted the bid due to competitive prices and established and long-standing relationships.

Solution: Northwest Pump assessed the project requirements and supplied one 21,000 gallon DW Split Xerxes Tank to stage unleaded and super unleaded. Another 20,000 gallon DW Triple compartment tank split 6/8/6. The tank storage is for Clear Gas, Diesel, and DEF. The site also includes seven Encore 700S  fuel dispensers. Northwest Pump also supplied LED lighting for the canopy, area lights and the store interior, the piping, sumps, manways and tank monitor.

Type: Retail fueling 
Location: Medford, Oregon


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