Metering & Mixing Equipment

Northwest Pump has a variety of metering & mixing equipment for your needs. Whether it is measuring how much petroleum is available or checking the pressure in your sump tank, we have the right equipment for you.

Our Brands for Metering & Mixing Equipment:

Liquid ControlsMetering & Mixing Equipment

Our Liquid Controls product line carries several kinds of metering equipment for your needs. Designed with ease of use in mind, these tools are perfect for measuring and data control.


Koboldmetering & mixing equipment

Our Kobold product line carries metering equipment for flow, level, pressure, & temperature. With a full scope of knowledge on your fluids, vapors, gasses, etc, you can have security in knowing that the contents are safe and available.

Hayward Gordonmetering & mixing equipment

Need a slurry sheared into the right consistency? Look no further than our Hayward Gordon product line for mixing equipment. Hayward Gordon offers mixers in two separate brands, the Hayward Gordan and Sharpe Mixers, both capable of working with a variety of challenges. From food-safe to oil & gas, Hayward Gordon has a mixer for just about any task.





Next Steps:

Want more information on our metering & mixing equipment offerings? Contact our sales team via email at sales@nwpump.com or call 1-800-452-PUMP.