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A gallery of informative videos from our line of leading manufacturers.

Caljet Selects NWP and Blackmer for Reliable Fuel Terminal Transfer

Caljet of America, LLC, talks about working with Northwest Pump to select Blackmer System One Centrifugal Pumps and GX/MLX Series Sliding Vane Pumps to provide reliable, low-maintenance service for loading and dispensing fuels, including gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, ethanol, and aviation fuel.

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Scout Technology: Parker Compressed Air Monitoring

Transair powered by SCOUT Technology helps you keep your system healthy and operating efficiently. SCOUT consists of a wide range of sensors that provide consistent and accurate readings for pressure, temperature, humidity, power, and flow. The system collects data so you can take the necessary steps to optimize your compressed air equipment and your system’s performance.

Parker Transair Complete Pipe-to-Pipe Challenge

Demonstration of Transair pipe system installation versus traditional copper and carbon steel piping installations. Comparing tooling requirements, complexity, and total man hours for a complete compressed air installation.

Dairy Chooses Mouvex Eccentric Disc Pumps

Dairy-Product Supplier Chooses Mouvex® Eccentric Disc Pumps to Increase its Yogurt-Handling Capabilities.

EMCO Opens New Facility With Blackmer GX Series Pumps

With more than one million gallons of on-site liquid storage at its new facility in Pleasant Prairie, WI, EMCO Chemical Distributors, Inc., needed pumping technology that could satisfy a wide array of operational parameters. The solution was GX Series Sliding Vane Pumps from Blackmer®.

No More Gear Box - Blackmer ProVane Sliding Vane Pumps

The Blackmer® ProVane® Motor Speed Pump Series offers higher speeds and greater capacities in a motor speed vane pump. Specifically designed for process applications where efficiency, performance and value are desired, the ProVane Motor Speed Pump Series eliminates the need for a gear box.

Blackmer Solutions in Oil & Gas Applications

Pumps Solutions Group - A Dover Company, has innovative technologies for upstream Oil & Gas Production. This video helps explain the various applications and what types of PSG pumps and compressors are at work in the oil and gas field.

Blackmer TX Pumps A Customer Success Story

Blackmer® TX Series Sliding Vane Pumps offer reliability, durability and efficiency that cheap knock-offs simply cannot provide. Blackmer is so confident in the quality and operational capabilities of its TX Series pumps that it backs their performance with the strongest warranty in the business, including a 5-year standard warranty and 2-year Performance Assurance Guarantee.

Blackmer TXD Series Sliding Vane Pumps are Put to the Test

This video shows how Blackmer TXD Series Sliding Vane Pumps have the design features and versatility to handle a variety of fuel delivery applications, including marine fueling with Cape Cod Oil & Loud Fuel Co.

Blackmer Brand Video

Blackmer® is the leading global provider of innovative, high-quality sliding vane pump and compressor technologies for the transfer of liquids and gases. Headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI, USA, Blackmer has stood for unparalleled product performance for more than a century. Blackmer pumps and compressors are used worldwide in a variety of applications in the process, energy, transport and military and marine markets.