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Industries across the globe are struggling to overcome a backlog caused by lost time, a shortage of materials, and severe weather-related impacts and the fuel industry is no exception. While fueling businesses are eager to proceed with plans to build new gas stations or upgrade existing ones, it may be a while until they see their plans come to fruition. 

Major equipment with the longest lead times is fiberglass piping and fiberglass tanks. There are many manufacturers that make tanks for stock and only to order. The result of these activities is creating longer lead times at the manufacturers, some of which are extending out to 18-24 weeks from date to order. Compared to the late 2020-early 2021, it only took 8-10 weeks for fiberglass tanks to arrive. 

How did we get here? 

  • During the beginning of the pandemic, the surge in purchases of plastic products, when manufacturers anticipated less of a demand.
  • Overwhelming shipping volumes domestically and internationally, resulting in port bottlenecks.
  • There was a nationwide shortage of resin, which is used in fiberglass fittings, piping, tanks, and glues.
  • Shortage of drivers, port labor, and manufacturing employees.
  • Plastic manufacturing plants now perform required 2020 preventative maintenance shutdowns, called “turnarounds,” which are taking around 60 days.

  xerxes tank  xerxes tanks

Xerxes by Shawcor has the ideal solution for your underground fuel tank needs. Xerxes tanks are rust-proof, made out of fiberglass, and have a cost-effective alternative to steel tanks. Xerxes provides a complete solution for your project’s storage tank needs with a wide range of sizes and accessories. They have an extensive network of equipment distributors and knowledgeable fuel-system installers throughout North America. 

Tank owners and system designers of underground fuel systems need tanks that provide secure storage of fuel over time. Xerxes has double-wall tanks that are an excellent solution because they are corrosion-resistant, both inside and out. The underground tanks have a proven record of compatibility with traditional petroleum fuel as well as with new biofuels, which are increasing in use. 

These Xerxes tanks are popular among retail gasoline marketers and convenience-store owners. The ability to store two or three types of fuel in a single tank is appealing when an available property is limited and the amount of onsite space needed for multiple tanks is difficult to obtain. 

Why Choose A Xerxes Tank?

Fuel compatibility– Tanks are UL-listed for all ethanol-blended fuels, including E10 and E85, and are fully compatible with new diesel blends, including ultra-low sulfur diesel and biodiesel blends.

Maintenance-Free– The tanks do not require frequent inspection for and removal of tank water bottoms, which is a time-consuming and expensive maintenance step that is strongly recommended by the steel tank industry for its products.

30-Year warranty– While the warranty duration for many other storage tanks has been dramatically reduced in recent years, Xerxes continues to provide a 30-year limited warranty, backed by the financial strength of North America’s leading storage tank manufacturer.

Parabeam– Xerxes’s proprietary 3D glass fabric, Parabeam, also enhances the overall structural integrity of the tanks by creating a bond between the tank walls while providing a free-flowing interstitial space for monitoring capabilities.

Next Steps

At Northwest Pump, we highly encourage anyone who needs a tank to plan ahead so there is no disappointment when it is time to install your tank. If you’re upgrading your tanks or purchasing new ones, we can help determine what you need. We offer a complete line of fuel storage tanks in underground and above-ground models.

Plan ahead, and order your tanks now! Contact us at sales@nwpump.com or call 1-800-452-PUMP.