When it comes to food production, there are strict standards during the manufacturing process to maintain safety standards. With smooth internal surfaces & ease of cleaning, sanitary pumps meet these requirements to protect against bacteria and other contaminants. Northwest Pump offers several sanitary pump options for many different applications, whether it be for a thick yogurt slurry or freshly pressed oil.

Do all pumps in a plant need to be sanitary pumps?

No, not all pumps in a food production plant need to be sanitary. A sanitary pump is only necessary when it is in direct contact with food products. Grundfos, for example, does not offer sanitary pumps. What it offers instead is pressure-boosting equipment as well as pumps to clean out the sanitary equipment already present in a facility.

What makes equipment sanitary?

sanitary pump symbol from FDA

3-A symbol from the International Association of Milk, Food, and Environmental Standards

The FDA regulates Food Contact Substances (FCS) ranging from the pumping equipment processing the food, to the coverings on an at-home coffee machine. The key feature of sanitary equipment is a smooth surface that can be easily cleaned. Manufacturers of sanitary pumps can offer easily disassembled pumps to increase the ease of cleaning, depending on the brand. A sanitary pump will typically be made of stainless steel 316A, or alternatively will be made of a non-porous plastic. The International Association of Milk, Food, & Environmental Standards also has a symbol called 3A to show when a pump meets these classifications. This and the FDA logos will appear on pump literature when the product meets these requirements.

Are sanitary & hygienic the same thing?

The main difference between hygienic and sanitary equipment is in their applications. The FDA classification for sanitary pumps must meet higher standards for consumer product manufacturing. Hygienic pumps on the other hand, are for high-volume transfer applications for food & beverage, cosmetics, and even pharmaceutical processing.

Our Sanitary Products

Northwest Pump offers sanitary & hygienic pumps for a variety of applications. Our main vendor for sanitary pump equipment is PSG, a Dover Company, through its Wilden, Mouvex, and Abaque brands. We now also offer vacuum pumps through Atlas Copco, for canning and other sanitary applications. In addition to these pumps, Northwest Pump now offers food-grade valves, fittings, and other ancillary pumping equipment through Dixon Valve & Fitting. For food-grade lubricants, we have partnered with A.W. Chesterton Company. Finally, for food-safe compressed air, Northwest Pump offers oil-free compressors through Sullair.

Next Steps

Need a sanitary pump for your facility? You can contact our experts here, email them at sales@nwpump.com, or call 1-800-452-PUMP to discuss your application needs. Looking for service on your current sanitary pumps? Reach our service team here, email them at service@nwpump.com, or call 1-866-577-2755.