FlexWorks, by OPW Retail Fueling, is a completely integrated underground fuel transfer and containment system. Designed to provide the highest level of dispensing performance, installation efficiency, and containment protection. OPW FlexWorks piping consists of highly engineered components that are designed to operate in unison to ensure long-term system integrity and performance. FlexWorks offers a high degree of flexibility to meet virtually any underground piping requirement.

OPW developed FlexWorks Piping in response to customer feedback. You asked and they delivered! The OPW FlexWorks piping is more flexible, lighter, and has reduced memory. Additionally, it can also be replaced without breaking concrete.

What Makes This Pipe Different?

  • Eliminates the hassles- installation time and potential leak points of rigid pipe installations.
  • Fast and easy installation- results in less installation labor, time, and cost. 
  • No adhesives- heat assists, curing problems, or electrofusion welding of joints.
  • Easy to bend- no special fittings to install in order to make bends.
  • Eliminates burdensome cutting, fitting, and cleaning. 

flexworks piping flexworks piping

Features & Benefits

  • Increased Pipe Flexibility – the force required to bend the pipe has been reduced to facilitate piping layout. This makes installation quicker and easier, especially in cold weather. 
  • Pipe Weight – has been reduced to facilitate shipping and handling.
  • Pipe Memory – inherent pipe memory has been reduced significantly to facilitate the connection of pipes inside sumps.
  • Redesigned Profile – enhanced leak detection performance. 
  • Enhanced Kynar Pipe Liner – fluoropolymer chemical structure makes it dense and permeation resistant.

Next steps

If you are interested in OPW’s FlexWork piping, contact us by emailing sales@nwpump.com or calling us at 1-800-452-PUMP. Click here to find a local branch near you!