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Product Spotlight On: Blackmer

It can be overwhelming to find the right products for your facilities. From knowing the capabilities of each pump or compressor to learning how to keep it in its best-performing condition, it can be challenging to know what choices to make. Northwest Pump wants this process of understanding and fulfilling your needs as quickly as possible, so here is a simple guide to one of our popular brands of pumps and reciprocating air compressors: Blackmer.

Blackmer Products & What They Do

pumps and reciprocating gas compressorsBlackmer specializes in pumps and reciprocating air compressors. Their pumps come in several types: sliding vane, screw, regenerative turbine, and centrifugal pumps.  Sliding vane and screw pumps are both types of positive displacement pumps, which are best for maintaining a consistent flow and pumping a wider range of liquids such as oil, gas, and slurry– to name a few. Centrifugal and regenerative turbine pumps are different kinds of pumps that work when paired with the optimal pressure and thinner, non-volatile liquids.

Gas Compressors are like air compressors. However, the only difference is that air compressors take the surrounding air and compress it for later use. Gas compressors can compress a variety of gasses, not just air.

Blackmer offers all of its pumps and reciprocating air compressors in several types of materials. This means that your pumps and compressors are optimal for the specific work they will be performing. There are iron pumps for non-corrosive liquids and stainless steel pumps for corrosive liquids. There are pumps for high volume, heavy-duty use and are best for working with high temperatures that would damage regular equipment.

Blackmer Product Maintenance

Every piece of equipment needs regular upkeep to keep running at its best, and Blackmer is no exception. However, Blackmer offers support to its customers via Blackmer+. This app is for manufacturers who want to know what is happening inside their facilities. It allows the user to see what Blackmer equipment they have on the floor, datasheets for the specific parts, and schedule routine maintenance. Additionally, Blackmer & Northwest Pump customers in Oregon and Washington can be safe in the knowledge that our service teams are Blackmer certified. Finally, these Blackmer pumps are compatible with Chesterton’s Safe Certified Sensors, which means that when paired, you will not only have diagnostic data but also prevent emergencies before they happen.

Next Steps

Want to learn more about Blackmer products for yourself? Check out their Youtube here for videos on how their products work, tips and tricks, and more.

Want to see what Blackmer can do for your facilities? See it for yourself on our online store here, or reach out to our sales team here, or call 1-800-452-PUMP.