Whether someone owns a car, rides the bus, or walks, asphalt contributes to mobility. However, before the roads or sidewalks get paved, a facility needs to have the right equipment- mainly the correct mixer to get the job done. Here is a quick guide on everything you need to know about asphalt manufacturing mixers.

How it works

Asphalt is made with a combination of leftover residue from oil refineries and gravel or aggregate. After the crude oil is distilled, the heaver residue becomes heating oil or asphalt. Because of environmental concerns, some asphalt production facilities only work on recycling old asphalt for new roads.


Making sure that a mixer has the right qualities is top priority in this business. So, what are these ‘right qualities,’ and why do they matter? First and foremost, these mixers should be durable enough to last even while working with aggregates and high temperatures. Next, a mixer should be easy to maintain. It should go without saying that every second a mixer is not working is costly for the facility, so a mixer that prioritizes speedy and efficient repairs is critical for the long-term use of a mixer- let alone an asphalt manufacturing mixer.

Our Solution

Sharpe Mixer

For an asphalt manufacturing mixer, Northwest Pump recommends our line of Sharpe V-series mixers. Not only does Sharpe design these mixers with ease-of-maintenance in mind, but they also pride themselves on their durable machines. The V-Series comes with several shapes, sizes, and other options to maximize this mixer’s efficiency for the job at hand.

Additionally, if a facility needs an asphalt pump, Northwest Pump offers Blackmer’s V Series pump specifically designed for the challenges that asphalt production provides. The V Series deals with rapid temperature changes with an increased jacketed surface area, which means less likelihood of pump & seal failures.

Next Steps

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