Air Compressor Products

Our Everett branch is now proud to be part of the Sullair family. These air compressor products are among the world’s finest. We also offer other products such as vacuum pumps, air dryers, filtration, lubricants, and much more from other fine manufacturers.

Air Compressors

Sullair, known worldwide for reliability and efficiency, can handle the job for any plant. Whether you require a small reciprocating compressor or a sophisticated two-stage, variable speed rotary screw compressor, our Everett team will work with you to ensure that the best solution is chosen for your compressed air needs. It could be 5 HP or 300 HP— we will have a compressor that is the right size for your business!

Air Dryers

For many applications, an air dryer is essential. Lack of an appropriate air dryer can lead to problems with product contamination or premature failure of air-powered tools and equipment. We offer a full range of refrigerated and desiccant air dryers.

Vacuum Pumps

We will help you determine which vacuum system is best suited for your requirements and budget, whether it’s an oil-sealed, water-sealed, or oil-less system. We are an authorized distributor of GlobalVac vacuum pumps.


For any compressed air system to operate at its most efficient, it needs to produce clean, dry air. Proper filtration will remove particulates and aerosols from your compressed air protecting your production processes and equipment from the damaging effects of contamination.

Breathing Air Systems

Our team also distributes breathing air purification systems. We can also service, repair, or overhaul your air purification system. These vital systems require regular maintenance to continue functioning properly. Let us advise you on an appropriate maintenance schedule for your application. We also offer air quality testing and certification for breathing air.

Compressed Air Distribution Systems

Northwest Pump will layout and install your complete compressed air distribution system from the ground up. This includes the compressor, dryers, tanks, filtration, piping system, equipment connections, and much more. We recommend copper piping with ProPress fittings or aluminum piping with push-lock fittings manufactured by Prevost Corporation. Whatever your air system needs may be, our Everett team can ensure your facility has the compressed air system to meet production demands.


Proper lubrication is critical to the health of any equipment with moving parts, and air compressors are no exception. Improper lubrication can lead to lost production, costly repairs, decreased efficiency, and a host of other issues. The list goes on and on. This is why we provide our customers with the best lubricants on the market. Our line of synthetic, conventional, and food-grade lubricants will help guard your business against the issues associated with improper lubrication.

Want to know what lubricant would work best for you? Check out our guide below.

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